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Lighthouse Preparatory Academy Reviews

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Lighthouse was a really great school. It is a college prep school that really has gotten me prepared for college and the way classes will work and the way teachers will communicate and assign things. I only went to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and other days were considered “satellite days” where we did a bunch of homework. The teachers and staff were really great, there were some complications throughout the years with people, but overall the school was really great.
I love Lighthouse! This is my first year being there but I would say it is an AMAZING Christian private school. Kids are nice and no bulling happens.
Most of there teachers did not explain hardly anything but LPA is a very well hight educated Christain school.
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Lighthouse is a school devoted to its students. It provides excellent writing education and above average mathematics. There are a variety of classes offered at different times. Due to its small size, there are not as may classes offered as a public school, so some students may turn to home school, online, or community college classes. However, each teacher gets to know each student on a personal level. I would choose LPA over any other large school due to its exceptional education, college preparation, and multiple clubs and sports.
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