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I Found My Niche at Springfield College

What initially drew me to the school was the opportunity to continue my gymnastics career at the collegiate level. During my recruitment trip, I immediately felt welcomed by the @scmgym team.

I Found My Niche at Northern Illinois University

IU offers many networking opportunities for students and help them develop a variety of skills. Because of all the opportunities they offer, I am able to learn, grow, and connect with people of different ethnicities.

I Found My Niche at Oklahoma State University

I chose Oklahoma State because I am also involved in wrestling and I am on the wrestling team here. This is something that I love and I’ve been doing for a really long time and some of my best friends are on this team. ⁠

I Found My Niche at Sonoma State University

I chose Sonoma State because I wanted a change of scenery. The campus is beautiful and the 15:1 student to faculty ratio in my program is something that interested me when applying.

I Found My Niche at Salem State University

One of the best experiences of being in Salem would definitely have to be Halloween. The spirit lives on, especially at Salem State where many of the students and professors get into the Halloween mood, dressing up and surprising students with treats.

5 Best Ways to Pay for College

You’re in high school gearing up for college, and the cost of tuition is still rising. Though this may feel like a doomsday scenario, there are plenty of ways you can tackle the cost of college without breaking the bank.