Niche Resources
I Found My Niche at Utah State University

There is a great support system and a lot of different resources to turn to at any time of struggle or need. The staff here makes sure you have a good experience and are helping with your every need.

I Found My Niche at University of Massachusetts Amherst

I’ve moved around my whole life so I’ve had some experiences in both small and big schools. After graduating High School in a very small town in Massachusetts, I knew I wanted to go to a big University. It also helped that most of my family either went to UMass Amherst or one of the five colleges.⁠

I Found My Niche at Brigham Young University

I came to BYU back in June as the summer semester is required for incoming freshman athletes. I’m grateful for that because it gave me some time to adjust to college course loads and learn the campus before the full student body was here.

How To Test Better: Hacks From a 1590 SAT Tester

Big tests can be incredibly stressful! From AP exams to SATs to ACTs, students often experience testing day anxiety. I know I did, so here are a few tricks that helped me feel more confident the day of testing.

I Found My Niche at Regent University

Overall my experience at Regent has been amazing with the fellowship in Christ-minded environment and it feels so nice and easy to feel comfortable here.

How to Network in College

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This is a common expression indicating that developing social connections with the people you meet is beneficial, but does this saying hold any truth?

I Found My Niche at Ohio Dominican University

My experience in the classroom has been great here at ODU because of the positive atmosphere among students and faculty. Being at a college with such a small number of students has really helped me because of the bond I’ve been able to make with my professors.