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I Found My Niche at Dixie State University

I picked Dixie State because I’ve always loved St George!! I knew I wanted to get out of the house & learn to be independent & Dixie is not too far from home! Only about 3 1/2 hours if I drive over the speed limit (;⁠

I Found My Niche at New Mexico State University

I get to do what I love every day with friends and peers that are insanely talented. It is so neat to be able to know that I’m sitting in a classroom with future music teachers and performers!⁠

I Found My Niche at Keene State College

College by far has been the best experience of my life, I’ve already met lifelong friends and I’ve only been here for over a year. I’m currently living in a 6 person suite with my best friends and having the absolute time of my life.⁠

I Found My Niche at Hampton University

They even have a big brother big sister program to help you get settled in on campus. You have another family away from home. I love my HBCU and I wouldn’t have it any different.⁠

I Found My Niche at Jacksonville University

I am a student athlete, therefore I have to balance school and practice the majority of the time. Jacksonville University has helped me become more organized and provides useful tools for student athletes as well. ⁠