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I Found My Niche at Lincoln University of PA

I decided to attend Lincoln University because it wasn’t too far from home and it was also affordable compared to other schools. Lincoln definitely grew on me being that I was used to such a big city, I kinda had to adapt to being in the middle of nowhere lol.

I Found My Niche at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I’m involved with several groups on campus such as: greek life, student government, outing club and intramural sports. Since all colleges contain their own pros and cons, I’d thought I would share some of the ones I’ve developed about RPI throughout my time here so far!

7 Ways To Get Involved Freshman Year of High School

While, inevitably, there will be nerves and challenges involved as you get accustomed to your high school and find your people and routine, there are certain ways to make getting involved in your high school easier. Here are seven of those ways: 

I Found My Niche at Northwestern State University

Even prior to my admission, I knew that Northwestern State was the place for me due to their emphasis on a family-like environment on campus. This family environment is highlighted throughout all the facets of involvement my university has to offer.

I Found My Niche at Wayne State University

My favorite part is being able to walk to anywhere I need to go to instead of having to take a 30-minute drive as I do at home. I loved meeting new people and getting close to friends that I will hopefully know for the rest of my life.

9 Things to Check Out During a College Visit

Seeing a school is a golden opportunity that some students do not have the opportunity to take advantage of. When it comes to “Why Us” essays and other supplements, interviews, and even making a final decision, the school visit can be the icing on the cake if utilized right, so why not see the little things that matter to you?

I Found My Niche at Butler University

I am also a member of the Butler Women’s Swimming team! I had a very successful year academically and athletically! I’m so excited for my sophomore year!⁠

Why You Should Look Into Guaranteed Admissions Programs

These programs go by a variety of names such as early assurance, guaranteed admissions, or BS/MD programs. In summary, they allow for students to gain preliminary acceptance into medical school assuming they meet the individual program’s minimum requirements.