What is Direct Admissions?

Niche Direct Admissions™ simplifies the college admissions process. High school seniors can get accepted to a participating college based on their Niche Profile alone — no application needed.

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The future of college admissions

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Instead of waiting for months…

Students will see their Direct Admissions acceptance and scholarship upfront. They’ll be able to spend their time and energy on choosing the best school for them, not worrying about whether or not they’ll get in.
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Why change the process?

Over 60% of colleges in the U.S. accept more than 80% of applicants. So when a college knows they would welcome a student with certain qualifications, it makes sense to remove a step that adds time and costs for everyone.
60% of colleges have an 80% acceptance rate

How Niche Direct Admissions works

Paying for college is also more complicated than it needs to be.

With Niche Direct Admissions, accepted students will be told how much of a scholarship they’ve been awarded immediately, giving them a clearer picture of affordability upfront.
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What are the
benefits of direct admissions?

Direct Admissions eliminates unnecessary stress, costs and work for both students and colleges so they can focus their time on what matters most.

Being offered admission to one school —even before I applied—made me think: maybe I am good enough, maybe I do deserve to go to college. So that made me try harder—and I’m doing better in school.”

Bodhi, Class of 2023,
Participant in Niche’s Direct
Admissions Program

Niche was like the bridge between 
me and the college. It wasn’t even on my list at first and then I got an offer of admission through Niche. It was the connecting factor for me to the school.”

Zakaria, Class of 2022,
Participant in Niche’s Direct
Admissions Pilot

Which colleges offer Direct Admissions?

Check out our list of colleges currently participating in Direct Admissions. Keep an eye on this page throughout the year as new colleges continue to join the program!

Life just
got easier

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For high school students

Imagine getting into college and receiving a scholarship without having to fill out a complicated application. Don’t apply to college and get in anyway? With Direct Admissions, you can.

Just take a few minutes to create your Niche Profile, including key details like the high school you attend and your current GPA.

Participating colleges can offer you a spot in their incoming class (plus a scholarship!) if they think you’re a good fit based on your profile. You can see any Direct Admissions acceptances you’ve received on your dashboard.

Read our blog post for even more info and sign up for your free account to get started today. Current high school seniors are eligible to receive acceptances.
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For institutions that want to offer Direct Admissions

Niche Direct Admissions empowers institutions to offer real-time acceptance and scholarships to students when and where they are active. The simplified process helps more students meet fewer barriers with no application or long waiting period. You set the acceptance criteria and we connect you with the right students.

Students will go from “interested” to “accepted” (with a scholarship) in just a few clicks!
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