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Catalina Foothills Unified School District Reviews

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This school had alot of good teavhers tat care aton about thier job. The acedmic and athletic oppurtnunties is very substansial and th etehcnology is up to date for the school.
A school with poor leadership can not excel. More concerned with appearances than substance. Girls are given the burden of adhering a strict dress code while boys are given the power to harass. The education is just ok. They only teach one way so if that does not work for you do not expect anyone to think creatively. Just because you put "creative thinkers" on your digital street side leader board does not make it so. The staff I have worked with have lacked this very skill. We moved from out of state and have discovered Excellent school really means excellent for Arizona. I removed my child from this school.
My daughter went to the Catalina Foothills school district from Kindergarten to senior year in high school. She continued onto the UA and graduated. This school district prepared my daughter from future success and we loved the teachers and administrators... actually all the staff. My daughter to this day is still good friends with her teachers. Thank you Catalina Foothills for jump starting my daughters future.
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Approaching my senior year, Catalina Foothills has become my home for the past three years. Ive learned so many new things, far beyond academics. I've learned to be independent, take initiative, and try new things. Catalina Foothills offers unique opportunities for every interest. In fact, as a four year art student, my art teacher just became certified to teach AP 2D art just in time for my senior year. Its opportunities and hard work such as that, that make Catalina Foothills such a wonderful place.
Its a good school, just kinda weirded out how they have SOOO many computers yet they dont even offer a simple computer class. There are some awesome teachers though, shout out to mr kelly and mr sanderson! But yeah the school is good, there is a drug problem but which school doesnt? Its has an awesome scenery too, their band is one of the best.
Amazing school with amazing academics. Challenging, teachers know what they’re doing and are genuinely dedicated to your success.
Catalina Foothills create an environment of development and dedication to the success of their students. Through vigorous courses students are able to demonstrate their highest capabilities in the academic environment. The school also offers an array of athletic and performing arts opportunities that create a strong sense of community amongst the students and families.
What I loved the most about Catalina Foothills High School, was the amazing opportunities that I received there. I had the honor of being in the Catalina Foothills Marching Band for all four years of high school. It is rewarding in many ways, including making plenty of friends, traveling, competitions, and learn life lessons. Some of these life lessons include, discipline, a sense of belonging, and strong leadership.
More diversity, more understanding teachers. A better overall environment. Less segregation between groups of people.
I had a very positive experience. I liked the diversity of students and their passion to learn. Teachers are inspiring and very helpful.
Overall it was a great school full of learning experiences, great classes, and amazing technology to be successful. The only thing that brings it down is the teaching staff is not the best.
Great school! Exceptional academics, strong athletic program, and diverse. The teachers know what they’re doing and have the students best interest. I highly recommend.
I enjoyed my time at Catalina Foothills, but the administration is sketchy and sometimes I felt that they didn't have the students' best interests in mind.
The administration is fantastic. They truly care about their students and want to make sure that all students are successful. There is a good demonstration of making sure that students have the opportunity to go to higher level colleges, which is very great for a public school to have.
Friends of mine went to this school and told me about the teachers and that if they had better teachers the school work be perfect.
This district is a national leader in PreK-12 education. They have a sustained leadership team, with an outstanding superintendent and top-notch principals. CFSD pioneers innovative learning strategies--and sticks with them. Foothills alumni embark on a diverse array of career paths and academic disciplines because they learn how to think, not what to think. Teachers are highly qualified leaders, with many holding advanced degrees.
As a part of the Catalina Foothills Unified School District and seeing all of the changes they are changing for the better as they are trying to have the teachers be more connected with their students.
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Best decision I made to open enroll. The school circiculum pushed myself self to do the best I coukd
The teachers at every level are amazing. They truly care about the students and their success. I feel like it doesn't just stop at the teachers. The administration is accessible. You can talk to them if you need to and they care about each individual student and everything that happens on campus.
I like this school district a lot, but I believe that it is too easy. Teachers want students to get As, even with minimal work. That said, I have had a fair amount of tough teachers who know their stuff and are very helpful in pushing me to success. In general, I think that we spend too much money on useless things (such as new computers were the last ones were barely even a few years old, or iPods) and on sports instead of the arts or even offering more academic opportunities.
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