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I really like working at Zumiez, being a student they really prioritize me doing well in school rather than just wanting me to work no matter what. I enjoy working with everyone there, everyone creates such a friendly, fun, and supportive environment. I enjoy coming in to work, I learn something new everyday.
Really fun environment, also management is more efficient and effective than at any other company I have ever worked at. Coworkers are super fun and competitive. Additionally, the kind of customer that comes in to the store is very forgiving if any mistakes are made and they feel very comfortable in the store.
Very flexible work hours and understanding that you are a student and studies come first! Not a bad place to shop either!
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Quite enjoyable. Our clientele is fun, and there is nothing better than working for a store that celebrates a sport that you love. It is easy to move up, but exceptionally difficult to get a raise. The company will randomly send you product, and has fun contests throughout the year for employees to win trips, product, parties and money.
A great company that rewards hard work amongst its employees and offers a variety of services to aid in balancing school, life, and a full-tim job.
Working at zumiez gave me the opportunity to get out of my shell. It helped me make lifelong friends and introduced me to things I never knew about. It allowed me to grow within myself.
I’m a manager. It still I overlook the average hours that are being used. Look over product placement. And teach new employees .
I actually liked working here. I leaned how to fold clothes and make a conversation with customers. I did get 30 minutes if break but its wasn't a paid break. The employees are really friendly. They help each other out and make sure we all understand what is going on.
I love Zumiez, it has a great chill atmosphere and everyone is super cool there. Everyone is helpful and they don't try to push things to you which is great. They have very laid back attitudes and are easy to talk to.
My experience working with this company was okay. I enjoyed the vibe of the store and helping customers find what they were shopping for. I had a few racial issues with management that really made me dislike working for the company, but other than that it wasn't to bad of an experience.
Relaxed environment, comfortable atmosphere. Would like to see better organization within the company
Zumiez would be a great place to work if it weren't for the icompitent management. Managers play favorites and will sacrifice less favored employees' scheduled to accomidate flexibility for favored employees.
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