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ZOLL Is an interesting company to work for. As with any corporate office, there is a good mic of people and personalities. The department you are in determines the general environment. In the Reimbursement department management was decent. There are opportunities to grow. Unless you are in upper management the positions that are available are not fit for long term. The company is still in its adolescent stage thus some of the processes are not as streamline as they could be, this makes it difficult for someone to stay longer in there current role. The turn over rate is very high in some departments.
Learn a valuable lesson on the products that are produced here. It saves countless lives, employees are very careful with their work. Making sure that their part is performed accurately.
I worked as a software co-op. I was assigned a variety of projects across a broad scale of teams in their embedded department. The people at ZOLL were some of the best I've ever met, and the experience I had as a co-op was incredibly valuable as I entered my career in software engineering.
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Great company to work for. Pay could be much better because of all the travel and stress but overall a good company.
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