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I loved working at Zoes Kitchen. It was a great job to have as a beginner in the work force. I was able to work on my customer service skills. The best part is being able to work with such amazing and healthy food.
They do not pay the people who are driving their personal cars gas mileage which is ridiculous when you’re only making an hourly rate and sometimes driving 300 miles in a week.
I love working for Zoe's Kitchen. They have an amazing work/life balance that helps me be able to support myself but also I am able to put time into being able to focus on graduate school.
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My experience has been fairly positive. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing managers as well as staff members. I love the positive atmosphere given in my particular store and we get a lot of really friendly customers. I will point out that certain benefits don't seem as fair as with some other jobs, as in someone could get hired long after you and start off making much more than you are and if you get promoted, you lose any unused PTO days that were acquired in your previous position. But overall, I enjoy my time as a Zoe's employee.
Very flexible hours, young and knowledgeable staff. Considerate and caring managemenet. Clean work conditions
One thing I absolutely loved about Zoe's kitchen was the different customers I got the chanced to meet and the various co-workers that I worked with.
The food is delicious and the staff is so friendly. Yummy Mediterranean food ! You can’t go wrong eating at Zoes, tasty and healthy .
I work at one of the restaurants and it's a pretty good place to work. Joking with coworkers is very much encouraged, and the management wants the employees to be able to have fun while they work. In the kitchen there is a Bluetooth speaker provided so the kitchen crew can listen to their music.
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