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Great people but not the best pay or benefits. Good 401k though. There are a lot of growth opportunities, allowing you to gain experience in different areas.
Zions Bank has great trainers who are very patient and happy to help you learn all along the way. It's a fast passed environment and there is a lot of information you need to memorize and procedures you need to follow. As long as you stay organized and pay attention you will be fine. Its not a bad place to work, it just gets a little busy and chaotic at times, but its a great challenge. Lots of opportunity can open from employment with Zions Bank.
I really like the place where I work. I am a retail support or someone that covers for the branch tellers when they are out sick or on vacation. I enjoy traveling and being able to work with multiple different people across Utah. The only thing that I would like to change is the ability to get ahold of and communicate with the higher ups. I have been trying to get a hold of the regional president and he never responds to me and it is very frustrating. I know I am the low man on the totem pole, but it would be nice to be acknowledged when I reach out for help and guidance.
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Working for Zions Bancorporation has been a great opportunity to develop my skills and further my career. The employees are all respecting and knowledgeable, and patient with me when I was training! Management is very understanding of school schedules, and helpful in setting things up the way I need and want them.
I'm treated very well at my job. The work environment is positive. It pays well, and they expect hard work in return. The calls come back-to-back, which doesn't allow anytime to breathe. I wish I could have a second to clear my mind in between calls. I really do enjoy the type of calls, however. Each call is challenging, but I feel capable to answer the questions. The new employee training class is 11 weeks long, so by the end of training, you feel ready to tackle any challenges. It's a great place to learn. My knowledge of banking has helped me in my personal life. They also offer a tuition reimbursement program and other benefits. They offer work from home.
Working for Zions was great. They were understanding and worked hard. They were really a family based company which I enjoyed, they kept it professional, but you could also feel like you really were appreciated working for them. I would tell everyone to work with them they were a really good company overall. Pay could be better and benefits as well, but besides that they were great.
Zion’s bank is a great place to work! I have been here for 2 years and I have greatly appreciated the time I have spent here. I do wish they would update their retail computer systems though. Once that happens I would gladly give 5 stars to this amazing company!
Zions bank is a great company that focuses on individuals. In my time at Zions bank, i have felt like my managers have done their best to make me feel like I am progressing and meeting goals. There are some great opportunities to move up in the company.
The ability to work from home and also their flexiblity to work with your school schedule.The fact that the managers have the same accessibility to the systems as everyone else on the floor.This makes it easier to work with customers without having to transfer them from one place to another
I am a Teller at Zions Bank. I enjoy working there because they are continually pushing me to further my knowledge and move up in the company. I have great managers and co-workers that make work a good time.
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