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I really enjoy the team that I work for! Everyone is really involved and on track to make us very successful. The supervisors are fantastic, they are really involved with the team and very open and honest about progress and steps that we must make to succeed.
Awesome place to work for when it comes to pay, benefits, vacation, etc. I enjoy the job itself very much, but some of the co-workers make it hard to do my job efficiently. When coworkers would rather stand around and talk for 30 minutes, nothing happens to them. Everyone is treated "equally". So either every bad thing is ignored or everyone gets punished even though it was one person that caused the problem.
Zimmer Biomet has an incredible reputation, and is a great workplace. While the culture is not perfect, employees are kind and helpful. There is much innovation happening throughout the company, and the entire organization is focused on becoming the #1 orthopaedics company.
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Management changed a lot while I was there and training is not the best. The job is reliable and fairly easy. Offers great pay. Growth is only offered to management favorites. Employees like to go tell on each other so it's better to just do your work and mind your own business. overtime is offered a lot sometimes mandatory and sometimes not. Holiday incentives are offered which are great. There was a weekend shift offered but it's not anymore.
The company is amazing and does some pretty great things. Always opportunities for work that excites you and involvement in projects
I love working for this company. I've been here for 5 years, and I never have a day where I don't feel rewarded.
The company wastes a lot of time and lacks good upper level management. Upper level management is very detached from the people that are actually doing the work.
This company is awesome. It is the perfect job for a college student. I get to work full time during any breaks that I have, and then during school I work part time. The pay is great, my coworkers are friendly. Its the perfect internship.
It is often easy for supervisors to forget about their interns, but that has not been the case for me as an intern at Zimmer Biomet. I have been given hands on opportunities to experience corporate law and to learn about how Zimmer Biomet functions both within and outside the legal department.
Zimmer Biomet is a very beneficial and almost prestigious company to have on your resume. They hire students every semester in roughly 10 different departments. My time at Zimmer Biomet started in the Patient Matched Implants (PMI) department. I was tasked with lots of CAD work fitting implant models into patient models and creating custom implants. There is no specific focus in PMI, therefore, you become well rounded with all implants. The engineers and machinists I worked with were amazing teachers. I then went from working with CAD models in the PMI department to organizing process changes, parts and revalidating rework processes for the Knee department. The FDA shut down rework processes of the Porous Plasma Spray parts and my job was to go through the process for each individual part and get the processes revalidated. I moved over $2.5 million worth of implants from the stockpile back into production by the end. I gained skills in managing people, big data and communication.
I personally liked their co-op program a great deal. The company is big and had about 80 or so co-ops that they managed. They were helpful when it came time to relocate, providing options for housing as well as a generous monthly housing stipend. The program was rotational so I got to see three different departments within the company, meeting new people and learning new skills along the way. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking to work in the medical device industry.
I love zimmet biomet! It is my first field job and I am learning so much about so many different departments
The people are friendly and helpful. I would like to see more promotion in the business and for us to grow larger.
Great co-workers, accounts, and product line. Company always looking to expand and grow. Support sales staff in the field.
The company overall is a good company to work for. I worked contract remediation so the work was monotonous as expected.
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