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It's definitely alright. I'm only working here for High School to pay for college application fees and the like. The management is strange, they said they were willing to have flexible hours so I am able to participate in the Swim team and my AP classes but they have me close at 11 on many school nights and even Sundays.
Very nice and respectful people at my job. Which makes me enjoyed working there evening as a young student.
My experience at Zaxby's was a very poor one. I was over worked and underpaid. The environment was entirely unprofessional and immature. The managers would make sexist and homophobic comments at their employees and not get punished. They would give one person the job of three people. They expected all of the employees to pick up the slack of everyone who was not doing their job.
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Working at Zaxby's was a fun experience. The Employees were very friendly and welcoming. The managers were fun and understanding. Everybody was willing to help and listen if you had an issue.
Best paying job I have ever worked in, the atmosphere is great, along with the people that work with you, very respectful.
I loved working for the people. It was fun and exciting. I liked the people I talked to, but I did not like the pay. Only $8 an hour to get covered in grease and pull out every booth until 11 o'clock at night as a 16 year old was not the prime. The food was not very well taken care of either; there could be questions asked.
I really love the food, however, the service at the Collierville locations is very iffy. I would like to see a little more kindness towards the customers at these specific location.
Has great food and good service. Treats the customers well. Works with employees to work around my school schedule, gives me time off if needed, can work extra hours if I want.
All the work that has been given to me by zaxbys is work that I like to manage, and love to do. I haven't found any issues with working at zaxbys.
I loved working here. It really gave me a sense of family. i loved the food and the fact that i got it half priced was great too. i hope to go back and work there over the summer. being at zaxbys was very comforting to me. i worked mainly on sundays and wednesday. wednesday was kids night and the kids loved me.
I liked the way the system worked. The manager was very understanding. The team I worked with handled themselves very well whenever a situation occurred. I have been treated the same as all of the other employees that I had worked with. The company altogether was a very good company to work for.
I like working at Zaxby's because we have very dedicated managers that are determined to be the best in the business for employee and customer satisfaction.
I love working there! I love all my employees and we work together to get the job done. Every now and then you will go down a bumpy road with two of the managers working there. But, that's okay because sometimes not everyone sees eye to eye. I recommend working there to gain experience with working with a variety of people.
I enjoy working here. Management is very helpful in your success and cares about your personal situations.
I love the customer service, the food is always fresh, the employees go over and beyond to give customers the best experience. I love zaxbys.
This was a great introduction to the business side of the workforce. I learned so much a this job, and I was even able to move up in the company. The only downside was benefits were very expensive, however this is the cast for most jobs, so I don't hold it against them. The environment was great, I made some life long friends, and also they were very flexible with school schedules.
Was not a very friendly experience with employers and some employees; most managers were very unforgiving of personal situations (for example, my girlfriend was sent to the hospital for an emergency, and I was not allowed to leave to accompany her, or even allowed to call the hospital). However, most of my coworkers were lovely people, and the half price food was a nice plus.
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The workers are friendly. It's always busy in Zaxbys but if you don't want to wait a long time then go through the drive-thru. The work can be a heavy load sometimes.
I love working with my coworkers. Pay is minimum wage but it is kind of worth it because of the people I get to work with.
Zaxby’s is a Great place to work. Team work is excellent. Constantly busy making time fly by. Discount lunches are a plus.
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