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My overall experience working for this company has been eye opening. I started off honestly looking for a job that was hiring and I stumbled upon ZARA. I never thought I would be three years in and already training for my distant manager role. This company was the first to really educate me on what it takes to run a business. We never put into consideration the amount of time and effort it takes to keep a business running and ZARA makes sure everyone is always on their toes. Had it not been for the management making sure I learned everything there is to know, I don't know where I would be. They take their time with you but because they want to make sure you're your absolute best when its time to rise to the occasion. Growth is this company's middle name and with hard work, its far from impossible.
The managers can treat the employees better like we are human beings instead of just workers. Set a good balance between work life and home life, pay could be a bit better especially in today's economy where everything is so expensive. They can also provide more working hours for employees and set employees at hourly salary and commission versus global commission. When the store and employees are only set at global commission there is not much of a difference on pay checks versus if you set employees to work at hourly + commission rather they get a 2%-7% cut of the items they sale.
Great place. Nice clothing and accessories. People I work with are great and nice. Managers are nice. Flexible hours. Some days are slow and some days are not.
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Good job worked their for three years. Then became season and they dropped my pay by a dollar. That’s was the only downside in this job. If they would’ve kept my pay the same I would’ve stayed but they did not care!
The employee are friendly and supportive. My schedule was based around my school schedule and it was never seemed like it was a problem for any of my employers and my coworkers.
I have been with the company for 5+ years and it has really developed my character on a personal level and also in my professional life. I have learned how to budget and trend forecast by going over daily sales reports and ranking reports for the best sellers. The company is at the top of the retailer business and has a lot of great technological investment to best assist us in providing great customer service. I would like to see the company invest more into its employees and offer more incentives/benefits to work at ZARA.
I liked how all of the coworkers got along. Working at Zara is a pain because there is no organization.
The management team is very inadequate poor time management manager is very childish and disrespectful and you are over worked and underpaid
Overall, a decent company if you work with a great management team who cares about your development. There's really no room for growth. However, I enjoyed working with the team. I became close friends with many of my coworkers.
I love the family like atmosphere working there and I would like to see more room for those who have been working over 2 years to have an opportunity to move up in the company.
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