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2400 South Avenue A
Yuma, AZ 85364
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What I like about this workplace is that everyday you learn something new. The work environment is mostly positive. Teamwork is noticeable in this work place. What I would change is the pay given to nurse assistants. Nurse assistants in this facility are not given as much credit as they should be. Nurse assistants in this facility do the same amount of work load if not more than nurses. Other than that, there is room to grow in knowledge in this work place. We are constantly given courses about our scope of practice. Overall, working in Yuma Regional Medical Center has been a good decision.
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Great atmosphere through out the hospital. Diverse age group in all areas of the hospital. A good place to work especially the location. Yuma Regional Medical Center is in a great place to raise your kids and family. It's small but not to small. A couple of hours and your close to the beach in California on the west side, a small drive down south and your close to the border, and another drive and your close to phoenix, Sedona, Prescott, and other beautiful places.
It is a successful and promising organization that strives itself on innovating and striving to provide any and all care for each and everyone of our patients.