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I work at a Taco Bell in Indiana, and it is my first job; I love it! The entire team is super nice and encouraging, and we get work done as fun as we possibly can. The pay is good for a fast food place, and my managers are very sweet. A few of the area managers are LGBTQ+, and the assistant manager at my main store just got engaged to her future wife! I love being able to work in a no-judgement workplace and enjoy bringing convenience to the public. Our store is also super clean and super fast, so the atmosphere is always pleasant!
The culture is second to none. YUM! truly lives its principles and encourages employees to live them in their everyday lives.
Yum! Brands Inc. has the potential to be a really great place for people to work, but unfortunately they value making a profit over the quality of lives of their employees. The higher level management gets the worst treatment of all of the employees, being given a huge amount of responsibility and a low salary. They are offered generous bonuses, but the bonuses are taken away for things that are out of their control, like the amount of sales a store has in a month. If they live in a college town, when the college kids go on break and are gone, they essentially lose their bonuses. Very poor benefits, healthcare is not worth taking, and vacation is offered, but the managers are not really given the opportunity to take it.
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When I started at Yum! Brands it was the greatest place to work. The culture was legendary. Since there was a change in leadership and business model, that has all gone down hill.

I ended up leaving the company to go work with an organization that has amazing culture.
Very college friendly company. I currently work for KFC and they do their best to work around my school schedule. They even offer a scholarship to students enrolled in college.
Great people, terrible corporation. The company will do everything it can to take money from its employees, while still raising pizza prices on its customers citing "wage increases", when it only costs between 10 - 20 cents on average to make a pizza. BS. And they just started taxing driver's tips.
Yum! Brands does not know how to run a company (Pizza Hut) in such a way that it attracts new customers and can hardly keep its current customer base. Prices continually go up, resulting in a loss of the current customer base and turning away new potential customers. Potential to move in the company is non-existent. The pay is very much lacking, with majority of the managers earning less than managers at other similar businesses, such as Domino's Pizza. The management above the store level is poor at the best of times, resulting in frustrated employees and fast employee turn over. Favoritism is also obvious in the upper levels, as certain in store managers are allowed to get away with anything, one of whom lied on inventory and did not kick out an off-the-clock and unscheduled employee who showed up drunk. Their punishment was a mild warning. The only thing that saves this is a light hearted and enjoyable set of co-workers (at my location at least).
Good place to work, friendly workers and management. Allows my work schedule to be 2 days a week so it doesn't interfere with school. Lunch benefit is good. Close to home.
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