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1001 South George Street
York, PA 17403
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I have had a great experience at Wellspan. I think anybody hoping to further their career in a cost efficient and effective way, Wellspan Health would be a solid choice. It is a teaching Hospital that grants you the opportunity to learn while your working which I've found to be a huge advantage. There are numerous people that have graduated ahead of me who currently still work at this institution. This is a good sign when I start to think about where I would like to work after graduation. The people that you surround yourself with will definitely factor into how much you would enjoy your job.
Another good advantage is the tuition assistance. Although I wasn't told about this resource I highly recommend any student to read the Handbook specific to the college of interest. The other thing I would recommend would be to dissect every area of the College's Website. The reason I suggest this is because there are all kinds of offers available and if you miss them they are gone.
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Working at Wellspan has been a pleasure and an insightful experience. For college students or anyone looking to advance in the medical field, Wellspan supplies a great environment to learn and help other while honing in and defining your goals.
Anyone looking to pursue a career in the medical field can gain valuable experience here, as well as start a rewarding career. They have great benefits for their employees and are very community oriented.