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The vibe has always been open and comfortable here at YogaWorks. The team definitely strives to make our students and non-students feel welcomed. although we do experience certain studio setbacks throughout the year our students support us and are always kind gentle and understanding.
They are appreciative of us, and we return the love.
An amazing environment to work in. An easy way to get to know people and a great way to make yourself a part of the yoga community. Everybody is welcoming of all types of different people.
Nice benefits as a free membership. No opportunity to work more hours. I have 8 hours and it’s not enough
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The overall location is great. Staff are all super friendly and welcoming. The customers are also a ton of fun and often surprise you with their kindness. The few draw backs are the hours between classes spent cold calling people to gain their membership. and the minimum wage only pay.
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