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Working at the YMCA has been a pleasure since the start of my hire. I feel lucky to work with the motivated, fun and focus employees who energetically promote a positive space. My coworkers make me feel like family and we have lots of team bonding. The management is excellent because they really pay attention to our needs and respect our time. Our work culture is focused on self-wellness, personal growth, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. There is a basketball court, gym, and a volleyball court for employees and members to work out in. There is an emphasis on lifetime fitness as individuals from every background attend classes here.
The people I work with are amazing. I work as a lifeguard, and I look forward to every shift. My training was great, and the constant practice helps me feel confident at my job. I especially love how willing the Y is to work around my busy schedule.
Everyone at the YMCA is so helpful and kind! They trained me in quickly and are always super understanding and accommodating.
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I worked in spokane for the central and north ymca there. I absolutely loved working with the kids and most of my coworkers. However, there was awful communication between management and staff, as well as all staff getting the brunt of it when just one or two people messed up.
The YMCA Play Center is a great place to work. The children are fun to work with and each shift is different because of who you work with and which children come in. Everyone is happy to be there and it is a great environment.
I started working at the YMCA over the summer and it was fun to work with a bunch of children and have fun playing everyday. There is a lot of great people and great experiences. I love working here with all the kids and nice people. It makes me feel at home, and somewhat like a kid again
YMCA is an amazing place to work, friendly staff, understanding managers. Great for college students, flexible schedules.
The YMCA has been an amazing atmosphere to work in. The members and staff alike care for all those who enter the facility. The core principles of the YMCA are inspiring and I strive to live by them.
High expectations of staff with little in return. Low pay, management is stressed out stretched thin. When people quit, they are frequently not replaced and everyone else just has to work harder. Management is as opaque as could be with their employees.
I loved working at YMCA. The support there is amazing. I learned so much working there. I did not get very many hours as a lifestyle coach, but the learning experience made up for that. I would strongly recommend to volunteer or work there.
I have worked at the YMCA as a cycling instructor for 11 years. They have supported me throughout the birth of all three of my children and are now supporting me as I return to college to earn my RN license.
I have worked at two different YMCA's now. One was at a rock wall, and the other at the front desk. Although both job positions are polar opposites, I loved both. There are stressful parts of both, you are never forced to face large problems on your own. Through these jobs, I have grown a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking for a flexible, manageable, and fun job, especially as a first job.
It was a great first job and a good starting point as a young adult. I taught swim lessons and also worked as a lifeguard with good hours, a great community of coworkers and an extensive support system within my departments and the entire organization as a whole.
The YMCA is a great place for college students to work at. The YMCA is very flexible with the employer's hours. The programs for the community around the organalization are great and affordable. The YMCA has helped families and has provided support for them.
At this point in time, the YMCA is just an overpriced gym. It could be implementing much more such as: tutoring, life lessons, church services (considering the C stands for 'Christian'), et cetera. Community gardens could also be an option; growing fruits and vegetables to give to the ones in need.
I work in the Child Watch Area where kids are dropped off while their parents work out or hang out in the YMCA. I honestly really enjoy working here. However I always get sick from kids sneezing on me and the pay is terrible. However, my coworkers are so nice and its amazing to watch the kids get older. This job has honestly led me to wanting to pursue a career where I'm involved with children.
This is a p[lace i have frequently visited as a kid. growing up around here i got to know some of the staff and they were extremely friendly. it was my first job in high school and i stayed throughout college to help pay for some necessities like gas and going out money.
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Was an enjoyable and flexible job for me during college. A great way to meet people who are passionate about community and children. I also enjoyed the free membership and the ability to attend ymca classes for free! I made some great community connections. My hours were fairly flexible and my coworkers and boss were very accountable.
I love working for the YMCA. The job is very rewarding and the people are fantastic. It allows me to work with children and help better their lives through sports and Christ.
Overall the YMCA of Northern Colorado is an okay place to work. The pay isn't very good we make minimum wage, which isn't great. the hours are very flexible which is really great for someone who works more that one job, or someone who lives a busy lifestyle. Overall my experience working at the YMCA has been a bit up and down.
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