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Good for students seeking internship and to work right after their graduation. Takes value in the coming generations.
While Yelp! is great for those straight out of college, it was not too helpful to me. I felt that I did alright for a decent amount of time by selling over $30k worth of advertising packages but that resulted in no commission whatsoever. I think the caps, quotas and ramp up periods were too much for me after they switched my territory to a very poor area of the nation. It was unfortunate that I didnt enjoy working there because I love their service.
It is a Sales position. The variables were constantly changing, making it difficult to know what is expected from you. A lot of pressure was brought down on you from management and directors. When they feel the mood was down or we lacked energy they would result in tactics like forcing you to stand up at your desk for hours at a time. Unrealistic expectations and no job satisfaction. The pay only starts out at 32k and only receive commission starting after 12k in revenue is sold.
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My experience at Yelp was very mentally draining. I accepted the position because I thought it would be a learning experience and I trusted the hiring manager when he told me I would get "good" eventually with time. I was not aware of how hard it would be to be commission eligible and earn a decent commission the following month. The benefits were great but it was not worth my mental health so I decided to leave the company for my own well being.
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