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Yard House is not a very good place to work. After two weeks of intense all-day training and a 200-question final, you would expect the standards of the restaurant to be higher.....they are not. Labor costs take precedence over guest experience, which accounts for the poor tip average. Food quality is mediocre at best, which is astonishing considering some entrees are in the $30 range. It’s difficult for a server to make money when their guests feel like they paid almost steakhouse prices for a fast-food experience.
Yard House is one of the most amazing places to work at as a college student. Not only is it a fun and safe environment but the management is extremely flexible with your school schedule as well, how awesome is that!
I’ve worked at yard house in Glendale, Az for going on 7 years now. I got hired as host and worked my way to a great professional server now. I love the food, atmosphere and management. Oh how can I forget the numerous amount of drink selections. One thing I would love see change in is uniform policy.
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The restaurant as a whole is fantastic. I love the customers that come in, my coworkers make long shifts go by fast, however, the management is not the best. While there are some standouts in general they fall short in bringing up moral.
Working at Yard House is a very fun and fast paced environment. I love my team that I work with and we all work together to support each other and make sure guests are taken care of properly. The hours might be a little longer than most restaurants. This location is usually busy especially on weekend but it makes the shift go by fast. Training at yard house is usually 8 days which may seem like a lot but I think it is great that they take the proper amount of time to make sure employees are fluent in food and beer knowledge.
Love working at Yard House. I have been working at Yard House for about 5years. It was vary different from other restaurants I’ve worked at before. The management know all about the food and know when something was missing or not played properly. There food knowledge is something that really pushes me to make the best looking and to the recipe as I can. I would like to move up higher then I am now.
Working at yard house has been a great experience and I would do it again. The people are amazing and there is always opportunity to grow within the company.
They really care about their employees and setting us up for success! Working here is easy because there's a lot of teamwork and help from managers. Everyday at work is fun even though it is difficult at times, your coworkers help make it a better day. Almost all of our guests leave feeling satisfied from our friendliness, hospitality, delicious food, and meticulous attention to detail. Love working here!
Great company to work for. Great pay and benefits. Do have many company rules that limit work time. All the staff is very nice and the customers really do love our food and beverage. Overall after working with this company I do believed I moved forward in pursuing my career.
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