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When I worked there my Boss was Great. I was there for 2 years however when he left, things became difficult
My first day at Yankee Candle I felt right at home. I enjoyed working with the people on my shift as well as working for the facilitators and Ops leaders on my shift. I liked working 8 hour night shifts, it kept me out of trouble and lead me to save enough money to go back to school. I think we could've had a little longer lunch break because we were only given 20 minute lunch breaks.
I absolutely loved working for Yankee Candle. All my coworkers were extremely kind and showed me the ropes on everything that went on at the store. The customers were also another level of kind, one that I've never experienced before. Working at Yankee, was my first job and I couldn't ask for a better first job.
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I worked at Yankee Candle for 4 years, and was a manager for 3. The product was good, if overpriced but the coupons made dealing with customers bearable. The pay was not much above minimum for a management position, which in the end was the main reason for quitting. However, like most places, the experience at the job is better when you like the people you're with.
I was a sales associate with this company for a year. My over all experience was great! Customers were friendly and liked to chat. Management was ok, although one of my managers was rude and seemed too stressed to be someone working with candles. I loved the smells and how well kept the store was.
Yankee candle is a great place to work if you love interacting with customers and recommending your favorite scents to them. Every candle has a story, you just have to find the customers story
I love my job at yankee candle. we are all like a huge family. everybody treats everybody with respect and kindness. we get great hours and we have amazing helpers who help us with everything too. working there has taught me so much on how to get out of my shy shell and to break out and be lose and have fun.
I absolutely love working at Yankee. My first store was in Roseville, MI, and those were some of the best people I ever worked with in my entire life. I was paid pretty well for the workload, and teaching people how candles work was always fun. I was part-time, so I didn't get any benefits. That being said, a fifty percent off discount was nothing to sneeze at.
I love it here, and my manager is very flexible with my softball schedule. If she schedules me for a certain time and I am unable to work it or something comes up, she just has me let her know and we work something out to get my shift covered or adjusted.
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