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20 York St
New Haven, CT 06504
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I like the work that I do, I work as a patient care assistant in the NICU. In this department I get the opportunity to care and help babies and families. I like the feeling of contributing to a greater cause and I would like to advance my career in this area by one day becoming a nurse. However, management is very fragmented and not easily accessible. When it comes to having fair access to shifts management would rather pay overtime to certain employees over utilizing their per diem staff which is available to work most shifts. They don’t even offer them shifts instead they let the permanent staff pick up extra time. It is very difficult to communicate with management and when you raise a concern, they don’t even respond to you.
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I absolutely enjoy my time at Yale-New Haven Hospital. I am very blessed to have given the opportunity to grow and understand the options presented myself and my future. I have an amazing work team, you give me the ability and chance to advance my studies and understanding of the field around me. Not only do I get to see first-hand experiences of what my future could look like but also meet people from all different backgrounds and understand empathically where patients are coming from when coming into such a hectic environment.
I like that this company works with students who are in school. They are very open to changes in scheduling due to new semester changes. I have been working there for 8 years and I never received a hard time when needing to change my schedule. The only thing I would change is allowing students who are casual to also be able to get tuition reimbursement. Most of us can’t not work part time or full time because of classes. With the limited hours working, the reimbursement is needed even more.