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While working for XPO Logistics, I liked that it was a nice place to work, however the Last Mile segment (in which I worked), did not pay as much as the other segments, and was more demanding work.
Overall, this is a great company! They have grown rapidly over the last couple years, and are still trying to figure everything out and adapt, but they are getting there. The people in charge truly care and have the best intentions - they just need to figure out what works best for a company this large.
Great pay for Ops Mangers. Low work/life balance. Managers are expected to work all day/night as the needs arise and during the operating hours of the account they are managing, can be 5am-10pm, you need to be available to them without excuses. Definitely the "good ol' white boys" club. Difficult to break through as a woman or a non-white person.
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The training you go through in order to start with the company is extensive and sets you up to succeed with the company. The culture is one of support, honesty, and integrity.
During the summer it's really hot in the warehouse. If people often pass out or leave because of the heat. There are fans and ventilation but no air-conditioning in the warehouse area. I think this place out be better if it had air conditioning.
I absolutely love job as an administrative assistant. I have been working for this company for going on 5 years. I have more up three times during this time period and also have had a child. i recommend this job to all. This company is very empowering and motivational to better yourself while you help the company prosper as well.
It’s a right place to work just be responsible and will grow without a problem. There are possibly ways of making more hours especially when there is a lot of demand.
It’s an awesome place to work. The employees are friendly. If you need to take time off to deal with family issues they will grant it without giving you grief. The front staff is excellent when it comes to new hires and training.
I love working here. It’s a great opportunity for anyone starting off in their career and great place to learn and grow.
The communication has gotten a bit better between management and hourly employees. They do different things to keep us all engaged and make the work life more enjoyable.
I love how they rewarded us with pizza once when completed a order for the week, that really was kind of them. What I dislike was their was a lot of rude individuals that thought they were better then others in the workplace.
This one of the best companies to work for. XPO provide a professional workplace, room for advancement, excellent benefits.
Great coworkers and great location, the break room has a wide variety and there are kuregs everywhere. Benefits are provided and the Paid time off is a bonus, they don't provide sick days but do give floating holidays. I personally love my manager, she will go to the end of the world and back to assist you with any problems needed. I am 21 so this was a good entry level job.
I like the growth of the company and the organization skills used for the work environment for successful quality and quantity amounts. I’m not experiencing any changes that need to be made for the company.
XPO is a great company to work for. They really care for their employees. Each year they send employees a gift for their anniversary with the company which is a nice touch to showing employee appreciation.
Loved working with some of the amazing drivers out there, but the management plays favorites and there is 0 leniency. You end up taking on more than you can do and the tools necessary to complete the job are not always given to you.
XPO is very much concerned with growth and competing on the global scale. But because they have a very start-up like environment, it's hard and ever-changing with positions, details, softwares, hires, etc. But they do seem to care about their employees and want to help bring everyone together under the company's umbrella, but it will take a little bit longer for it to feel like one cohesive company rather than an amalgamation of mergers.
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XPO Logistics is a great place to work. They believe in their employees. They encourage their employees to be the best. They believe in promoting from from within.
Great company to work for. Flexible with school and work balance. Take care of employees. Open bays lead to cold, wet, windy, and or hot working conditions
By far the worst company I have ever worked for. Up and coming company in the area hired people without training and certifying their works. With that along with poor communication directly resulted in countless injures. Including permanent nerve damage of an employee. That same employee, due to the ineffectiveness of human resources and the company itself as a whole, couldn't even utilize the most basic benefit like workman's compensation without heartache. This would be the last place of work I would recommend working for.
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