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5 Greenwich Office Park
Greenwich, CT 06831
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Overall, this is a great company! They have grown rapidly over the last couple years, and are still trying to figure everything out and adapt, but they are getting there. The people in charge truly care and have the best intentions - they just need to figure out what works best for a company this large.
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Great pay for Ops Mangers. Low work/life balance. Managers are expected to work all day/night as the needs arise and during the operating hours of the account they are managing, can be 5am-10pm, you need to be available to them without excuses. Definitely the "good ol' white boys" club. Difficult to break through as a woman or a non-white person.
XPO is very much concerned with growth and competing on the global scale. But because they have a very start-up like environment, it's hard and ever-changing with positions, details, softwares, hires, etc. But they do seem to care about their employees and want to help bring everyone together under the company's umbrella, but it will take a little bit longer for it to feel like one cohesive company rather than an amalgamation of mergers.