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Xfinity Live is the best company I love there cable. Personally I feel like there the best cable company in the nation. I feel like ever one should use Xfinity I advertise to people all the time. And also my dad used to work for them about 2 to 3 years ago. They are every nice people and well spoken.
The service hardly ever goes out and they are quick with a response. Customers love Xfinity and the fast work and easy opportunities given.
Great place especially during the football season. Great place to eat and drink, with your choice of five bars in one building. Also it has outside bars with seating. This place gets really crowded on game days. It's a definite must if in your the area. One of the bars even had a mechanic bull!
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Working at Xfinity Live! has been great. I've had the chance to learn a lot and meet a lot of different people that I otherwise would not have. The location is unique due to it being located right near all of the professional sports stadiums in the city so there is almost always something going on that will bring all walks of life in and I think that has been the most interesting part of being here. It can be very beneficial for your own personal networking and building connections. If I had to say there were any downfalls, it would be that the business is very event driven, so if there are no shows/games/events happening in the stadium district then there is no one there which can cause income fluctuation week to week.
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