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Xcel Energy takes care of their employees. They have great benefits and have takenbet care of my family and I since I started there in March of 2012. The pay is great, and they truly care about your safety on the job. I do think that the operations side of the business could improve. In my experience the communication between management and all the different branches of the company are sometimes non existent. Many times jobs are not completed in a timely manner because of the communication in the company.
The best part of my job is that I am rarely bored. I have learned many new and interesting things. The flexible work schedule has been a huge benefit. I also like the opportunity it provides so I can attend school to further my career.
Work/Life balance is fairly well balanced. There is a huge influx of knowledge sharing that seems to supply to workforce of this company. Many individuals are showing a willingness to retain with said company on the long term.
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I've been an intern with Xcel Energy for a few years and in the time that I've been working there my experience has been magnificent beyond explanation. Key elements of my experience that I am capable of dictating include the overwhelmingly positive work culture and opportunities to grow. Across the company, I have experienced the work culture to be inclusive, safety oriented, and intentionally progressive. This company takes their mission seriously; the drive and pride in excellence gets translated throughout the company. I have personally experienced the company’s desire to grow their employees. I’ve occupied varying roles and have been encouraged to explore the various facets of the operating group I belong to. This has allowed me to learn valuable skills and information that aid me in my academic career, as well as my professional aspirations. My experience has truly been valuable to me beyond explanation.
Xcel Energy is a great company to work for, their benefits are amazing. They work with you if you are in school and they have a tuition reimbursement program.
Volunteer/work here part-time. Employees care about their employment and designated task. There is however not much involvement with between employees.
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