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This job was only a part-time seasonal job that went from May to August, and it turned out to be the funnest job I've ever had. I was at the location in Myrtle Beach, SC and worked activities at the Patricia Grand resort and never regretted getting this job once. I met two good friends over this summer and was honestly sad when it was time for the season to end, but I do plan to try and work with this branch again in the future if I can help it.
I’m currently working here and the experience has been great since day one! Positive energy and a great staff to work with.
Great Company but the hotel that I work for doesn' provide benefits which is a big downfall. You would expect to have great benefits with a huge company but zip! No break times either. Over worked and definitly under paid.
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It's a good place to work. Like anywhere it all comes down to management. Have an incompetent or lazy management team in place and you are more than likely to have a miserable time. However have a good management team and you'll be considerably happier. Guests stay the same in amounts of good and bad so it mainly boils down to who the GM and the owner(s) are. I've had my fair share of both and has made a world of difference.
It is unfortunate that I got here during a time where the company was about to go through significant organizational change. I have been with the company for two years and experienced at least 6 rounds of layoffs with the organization. There is no job security and the constant unknown state of organizational structure and lack of direction from leadership has put stress on my family and halt on my career development.
It's a great place to work. I enjoy the laughter and stories I engage in with my colleagues. One of the best parts about this job is the fact that I get to network with people from all over the world.
I really enjoy working for this company. They are very personal, friendly, and helpful in so many ways!
This resort is at times fast paced but the employees get along, assist one another and service is the priority around the property to all of our guests.
If you're in the marketing or sales aspect of the company, you definitely learn a lot about yourself and others. There's plenty of room to grow within the company and the opportunities are endless. If you aren't afraid of dealing with rejection and have thick skin, this is the perfect job for you!
The hotel I work at is mostly family workers. Everybody wants the day shift and its very hard to find coverage for shifts because nobody wants to switch.
I have been with this corporation for a little over 6 months now and it has been absolutely phenomenal. It is a company that knows the value of its employees and their well being. They give employees a lot of resources for personal growth and development and offer fair wages and good medical benefits, vacation and sick time. I have also appreciated the fact that where I work they encourage problem solving and do not reprimand you for trying a new approach, even if it fails.
I really enjoy the positive atmosphere in working for the Wyndham Destinations call center. There are multiple different benefits that I can get by working including a hefty vacation package which is fantastic. It is so much easier talking about vacations when you get to experience them for yourself. The biggest change is a recent sales quota that needs to be met now per month. It is small but looming when I was hired only as a customer service agent not sales.
They are a great and loving company , they provide a safe and clean envoirment while working or staying at the resort.
Great positive atmosphere with very cool incentives! Everyone worked as a team. Clean workspace. Amazing leadership who were confined to a desk but assisted with all positions. Enjoyed every minute of working for this company.
The company offers good cleaning supplies and a competitive salary. Since being bought out, we have started receiving better towels and they offer a face cleaning black towel that is nice so it doesn't stain our white wash cloths.
Working for Wyndham has brought a plethora of great experiences. As I have had the opportunity to meet people from all locations and each interaction felt like I have known them my whole life. The company wants to see nothing but growth, and Its has taught me so much in such a small amount of time
It’s been amazing working with Wyndham! Amazing company with a lot of growth. Managers love to help you achieve your goals and empower you to do things out of your comfort zone.
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I’ve been with Wyndham for a few years now and love it. The benefits and discounts are good and the work environment is good as well. I’m currently going to school to get into an Accounting position with Wyndham.
Wyndham has been the best job ever. Promises made in the interview are kept. The manager are truly there to help you succeed. They bounes and prize are never ending. The company continues to grow and even the one a bottom are thanks and appreciate.
The overall attitude of the work environment has been great; everyone is happy coming into work to help guests and other employees. Management is thoughtful of employees. The pay is not as competitive with other companies of the same field, hence the relatively high turn over rate, but the benefits it provides do make up for it.
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