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101 Dudley Street
Providence, RI 02905
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Overall working for Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island has been a stepping stone job for me. I accepted this job straight after college and began just 2 days after graduating with my undergrad degree in Biology. I was nervous, and excited all at the same time to be working for such a prestigious health care provider. I chose to accept the position because I wanted to gain experience in the health care field before attending graduate school. This job has been the perfect experience for me filled with friendly coworkers and a great work environment. I would recommend working for the Division of Urogynecology at Women & Infants to anyone looking to forward their medical experience or health care career.
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I love working at W&I as a CNA. We help patients recover from surgery.Taking care so people is what I love.W & I hospital is a wonderful place to work. I’ve been there for 19 years. I had all three of my children there.When I delivered my last baby I was working in a Nursing Home, I loved how pleasant and caring everyone was and still are , even when it’s a busy day everyone is always with a smile.the care everyone gets it’s exceptional. That’s why I applied here, I was fortunate they hired me.Its like having a second family at W & I hospital.
I love working for Women and Infants Hospital, because it is so family oriented. It also helps keep me updated about new medical equipment and procedures. The Hospital is always clean and has friendly staff members. Some changes I would like to see, would be for the hospital to expand and become even bigger, and have brown university own the hospital because it would bring high education as well as production.