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I've worked for Winn-Dixie for eight years in the pharmacy department and I've enjoyed it as much as working in a retail pharmacy is possible. I've gotten along with the majority of people I've worked with and the customer base is more than tolerable. The company itself has gone downhill since I've started working for them. I've always been considered part-time, even though many times I worked full time hours, and the benefits for part timers have significantly decreased. We used to have vacation pay but they discontinued that about 5 years ago. We used to get about 4 hours holiday pay on about 6 holidays. Now its down to just Christmas and Thanksgiving. Winn-Dixie keeps wasting money on changing uniforms and ridiculous promotions. It just seems like a poorly managed business. But, I've been fortunate enough to work along side some really wonderful people and that makes up for all the nonsense that we deal with.
My time at winn dixie was a good learning experience as an entry level job but its a terrible long term commitment as management is a bit chaotic and raises are literally pennies.
To keep it short: I have worked in multiple departments. Front-end and Back-end. The front end does not treat males as the same to females. I took my leave from the Front-end department to move to the central/Back-end department; Best choice I've made so far. However, workers keep leaving other departments, and we have to fill those positions as well as do our own department; this caused to strain some of my fellow co-workers and they took leave. This does not stop the management assigning the workers more and more work each week. The workers, however, are an absolute blast to be around, and are very social with one another.
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I love my coworkers at Winn Dixie, I just wish the compensation were worth the work put in. The job is incredibly fast paced and definitely requires an intelligent person to work it. But the pay is well below average for the area.
Working here is very fun as the workload is not very high and has a friendly atmosphere. My coworkers make working very interesting and it is usually not very boring .
I have a good time with my employees and customers. Pay isn’t the best and can not sustain me alone through college.
I love working with them because of their flexibility and willingness to understand my schedule. Being a college athlete and working during the school year can be difficult but they were very helpful to me.
I completely enjoyed this experience. My managers were phenomenal and I met so many beautiful people each day.
I have been with the company for almost 5 years. In that 5 years, I have watched the management change in my 2 stores. Some are good, others are horrible. Director of our store has no idea what customer service means unless you are young and GREAT looking. The most he has ever done in the front end, in the year I have been at this store is push buggies around. $300 orders and no bagger mean absolutely nothing to him. He has NEVER helped to promote customer service in our store. I have NEVER seen him bag groceries.
I worked at 3 winn Dixie stores in the last 2 years. My current store is terrible. I am underpaid and they do not care about their employees nor customers.
If you into retail this a good company to learn what to do any not to do.They have programs for you to move up for advances in their company. With the hands on training and real world experiences you can and will learn the grocery industry, from the bottom up. Every job has a purpose to make the store chain flow efficiently. Starting from where and how your products get from the suppliers to your store, How to make sure everyone safety matters in and out of work and so on. They always have away with the community where Winn Dixie cares and helps where every they can from natural disasters, homelessness, even school scholarship for the poor. Over all the company is great to work for and if you decide to leave you will learn all aspects of the retail food industry.
In Winn Dixie, I like to interact with customers with their personal life and makes me happy to brighten their day? I just wish the store fall apart when I need better equipment to assist customers or move big full trash. I sometimes I'm concern about the coupons and sometimes the lack of knowledge I present that's not related to my store.
I wasn't trained properly. It's been one thing after another with the building.It's always chaos even on the calm days.
This is an excellent beginning job for high school and college level students. The hours are flexible and the pay is well enough to cover expenses and allow for spending money.
It's a hectic environment at my store, with too few hours to give, small pay, and lots piled onto one person at a given time. The computers are laggy, including the POS. However, the community that is our store is amazing. If it weren't for kindness, the place wluld
I like the ability to request off of work two weeks in advance, and agree with the policy of denying requested days off if later than two weeks in advance if the reason has been known for much longer. I also like the ability to have fellow associates take shifts. I would like the ability to have holidays such as thanksgiving off to spend time with family. I would also appreciate an increase in flexibility towards availability, as my school and volunteering schedule often changes. I would also suggest that it be easier to take time off in regards to certain situations such as illness, family related emergency, or other unexpected occurrences.
I've been working for Winn Dixie since 2015 and it's been amazing! The atmosphere and positive vibes from employees and management is so welcoming. Even to shop there I can definitely say the weekly deals are the HIGHLIGHT of the company! Their reputation lives up to their store banner and that says it all.
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If you put in the work you can move up and be awarded raises. The managers are very flexible with work schedules especially when it comes to school and schoolwork. The managers have always been helpful and listening to associates and their concerns. If you work hard it does pay off as I have moved up along with generous raises to accommodate my hard work. The whole store gets to know each other through working there and you may make friends to hangout with after work or when you are not working. The life lessons and experiences this job has given me is wonderful.
Pay is terrible. Hours are based on pay. Place for younger kids, not older. Very biased company. Managers are terrible, uneducated.
It’s a grocery store so it’s not the greatest place to work. But most stores with work with you on schedules with school or other jobs.
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