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5501 Lbj Freeway
Dallas, TX 75240
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I think that Wingstop is the best place to work if you're a high schooler, or even an adult. I have never once dreaded a day going in to work, and sometimes even look forward to it. The management is very respectful and accommodating, and the tasks I am selected to do are simple but also important for maintaining the well-being of said restaurant.
Wingstop has taught me how to professionally deal with customers and how to run and operate an effective business.
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I love my job. It's a very good and easy place to work at. Benefits not so many just that it works with my college schedule. Job Location it's okay. It's a good area in where high school students can come by after school, or when adults go shopping at Walmart they can then pass trough and get a 10 piece combo with a 32oz drink for only $0.30 cents more. In any flavor from spicy to sweet if any concerns, management will nicely help you out. They are very comprenhensive people. Environment only cashiers are females and maleas are the cooks, we are called the wing experts due to the fact we have tried all flavors in bone in or boneless, my favorite the bone in mango habanero because it express my Hispanic roots, yet I can be sweet. It's a very stable place the only problem it needs better music.
I liked working an a fast pace environment. I did not like that we were always understaff. We were not allowed ro have trash cans in the dining area so many customers got fustrated because they can not throw their trash away. Customers were also fuatrated that the wait time is too long approximately 20 minutes an order but we made everything fresh.