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Friendly staff, great environment. The store is well organized, family oriented, with flexible schedules. It’s easy to see customers our the priority, we have low prices every day.
I loved working here at first but after half a year of hard work and no compensation or shout out for it i got disappointed and don't like it anymore.
It's a very fast paced job depending on what department you work in. Be prepared to be on your feet all day moving around. Staff is friendly and supportive. Good job for part-time with good benefits.
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I worked as a checker for months, I switch to working freight so I can go to school after work and then go and take care of my sibling after school. Winco is the best job experience I had. The people are nice, The work is heavy, but I bite through it to save my money for school and pay for my living expensives.
I came to this job only looking to stay a summer and bank some cash before school started. I ended up leaving at the end of the summer. But even then, I was highly encouraged to come back and they did everything they could to have me come back. I feel so at home there and they are excellent about working around my school schedule, as well as my other job.
This was a great company. They were willing to work around my work schedule and the associates were amazing. WinCo has great benefits and this is a job that you can make into a career. The only problem I had was with management. Management seemed to be very close and even when talking to the store manager, it would get around to others and nothing would be done.
Coworkers are extremely nice to work with. On holidays we all work together to get everything together. I’ve been working here for almost 2 years and there hasn’t been any reason for me to leave.
The people I work with are like family, nothing but respect for each other. The management is professional and caring. Awesome place to work. I love it.
The hours are sporadic. You only get your schedule a week in advance. The first of the month means you are expected to put work before everything else in your life. Nothing in this place is organized or optimized for anything. If you asked anybody where a given product was, chances are they wouldn't know where it is or could only give you an approximate location.
I have worked for the company for years. It is a great company to work for with flexible hours while attending college. It offers health benefits for part time employees and stocks.
It has been a fantastic place to work for so far, I have only been their for a few weeks and still learning the ropes of how they operate.
Very good experience. A little strict on attendance, but overall a great place to work. Able to move up the company ladder and advance in the company and able to transfer to another location if need be. Vested into the company after 5 years.
I have worked for Winco for almost 20 years now. When I first started they were a great company to work for with pay, benefits and an ESOP that was second to none. Over the last 10 years we have gotten new CEO's and VP's that don't understand that growing a company at the rate they are growing will only hurt a company and it's ESOP in the long run. We are no longer considered employees with a name we are just a number now that can be replaced at anytime. For year years I was a loyal and dedicated employee and now am just wore out and do not see anything positive to come.
It is an amazing company to work for with great benefits! I can't wait to see the expansion in Texas from the west coast.
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