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500 N Highland Avenue
Sherman, TX 75091
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Wilson N Jones Regional Medical Center Reviews

3 reviews
My experience here with my coworkers has been a joy. We are truly a team. I wavered on continuing my education and my team has been amazing in supporting, encouraging, and teaching me with my many questions on why and how we do what we do. However, the moral is very low. Across the departments I hear the same issues, pay is low, appreciation from "higher-ups" and corporate are almost nonexistent. The overall theme that I see in my daily work time is that the employees as a whole are just there to do their jobs and collect a paycheck. I do not mean to say that the employees do not care about their patients or their jobs, but only that the employees do not feel that their jobs are appreciated by their employers. And not necessarily the "higher-ups" in our facility, they are doing their best, but it is ultimately the company that owns our facility that shows the employees and the facility as a whole no respect.
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The employees here treat their patients as if they are family members and truly care about them. When patients need things, employees do their best to accommodate them as much as possible.
The nurses in my unit are knowledgeable and compassionate, I'm not sure about the other units. I also interact with ancillary departments to give excellent care, they too are knowledgeable