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2600 Greenwood Road
Shreveport, LA 71103
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Willis Knighton Medical Center Reviews

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Working at Willis Knighton Medical center has been a pleasant experience. I enjoy working for the company and have learned a lot about blood work, microbiology, chemistry, and countless other subjects. My coworkers are extremely helpful and friendly. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at Willis Knighton Medical Center.
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Willis Knighton has many facilities in Shreveport, La. What I would like to see changed is the benefit plans offered. I think that Willis Knighton has one of the worst vision benefits of any other employer I’ve worked for. I also think that the retirement plan could be better. I think that they should at least match a percentage of the money that employees put into their retirement. I like the fact that Willis Knighton does offer a lot of education to employees and will reimburse up to $1000 per semester for tuition to students who make at least a C or better in courses.
My overall experience with Willis Knighton has been very positive. They are very supportive towards their employees decision to further their education. I am hoping to continue working for their health system after graduating with my radiological science degree.