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I love working for Williams-Sonoma and I am learning a lot more about cooking. The employees are helpful and I enjoy working with them.
As an employee the company is flexible with hours and time off. The pay is average for the type of calls you take. The training is paid and fast paced. From a customers point of view The company sales high prices items that arrive damaged and in need of repair. The company allow you to order items that they do not have in stock and sometimes people have to wait over 3 months to receive items. Holidays and birthdays have been ruined because they do not stand by their expected delivery times. I would not recommend this company if time matters.
I work for Rejuvenation, which is the newest addition to the Williams Sonoma company and it has been a wonderful opportunity so far. They management team really cares for the staff, and everyone works together as a team.
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They could work harder for there employees who work so hard for them.
They act as if a pay raise to 12 an hour makes the amount of work and stress put on teams to make email rateing and credit cards goals responsible. When you can go fold t shirts at target for that much base pay. Respect and reward your employees
Very good company. Some of the rules about VTO are a little messed up as you receive points for missing work even with a Doctor note. But overall a great company to work for.
I loved working for Williams So oma. It taught me a lot about cooking and the tools to use which I found interesting because I love cooking. My superiors were also very nice people to work with; we had a bunch of fun but also worked very hard.
I have loved working for Williams Sonoma these past few months! They are a wonderful group of people that genuinely seems to care about the customer!
I work here as a seasonal employee and it is a great work environment. The management is nice and look out for employees. All the workers are friendly and willing to help each other.
The management is excellent and clear when giving instructions in a kind manner. Very understanding of outside of work needs and uses your personal strengths in the workplace.
I am thrilled about my job. I have been with the company for 2 years and I am truly happy. Some things could be better as with every company but overall, they do have decent benefits and the coworkers are really helpful and nice! Great company to work for!
The best company Ive ever worked for. I love the fact that they give there generala managers true shopkeepeer motivation. Handing us the keys to our stores and letting us run it how we see fit (within guidelines of course). The corporate team is extremely down to earth and genuinely takes our feedback and turns it into changes for the company!! I am so lucky to work for this amazing company!
Having worked for Willaims-Sonoma Inc. for 4 years and 10 months, I've gained a lot of knowledge on what it takes to run a successful business. As a former Home-Stylist, I gained insight on what it meant to become a better leader. I enjoyed creating my own daily schedule, booking my personal clientele appointments for the week etc. This work environment encouraged me to work for myself in the long run.
I started as a regular employee and moved up as far as an assistant store manager working at two different locations.
I worked from home as a customer service agent. I enjoyed it, everything is set up properly for our work home agents as well as the training. The pay is pretty good. Can be a little more organized though. But so far okay place of employment.
I just don't think that the employees there are valued, it's all about money. Even if you give an appropriate amount of time for a day you need off it's still may not be approved due to business needs, but we are expected to work overtime whenever it's needed and a lot of the time appropriate notice on their end isn't given. I can go on and on about things that need to be improved.
I love being able to work with people who come from different backgrounds and have different levels of experience. All of my coworkers and managers are easy to work with and are very understanding when anyone has a personal emergency and can't come to work and everyone is willing to cover your shifts if they're available. There is a great employee discount (40 percent off) and there is always an opportunity to move up in the company. Hard work is rewarded with a raise pretty quickly after being hired. There are also company contests where you can win a gift card from corporate if you win the contests. Even if you don't know anything about cooking, you will learn a lot after a few months because of your exposure to professional chefs and even many of the customers.
I have been working for this place little over two years now, as a part time stock associate, this job pays pretty well, but the hours are unpredictable. The place I work for is very friendly, casual environment. I don't get many benefits for being a part time woker, almost close to none. At times, things must be completed at the end of the shift, regardless we have low number of employees, management could be unreasonable at times. Overall, it is decent place to work for.
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The workplace environment is great, but the higher ups are more of the problems. Things are often on sale online but not in store, sometimes shipping can’t be waived from the store when it’s free shipping online. We also don’t always get all the items we’re supposed to show and it’s very frustrating because then we’re forced to show discontinued items. Backorders are also always a problem.
Overall, this is a good place to work. The atmosphere is friendly and the hours are straight forward. You know what is expected of you from day to day. I would like to see the pay increase a little bit.
I worked as a stock boy for Williams Sonoma in Valencia, California. At the time I was a senior in high school and it was my first job. I loved working for this company because of the excellent working atmosphere and overall camaraderie with my co-workes. This company truly takes good care of its employees and has a position available for everyone. Also the progression in the business is fair, you could start at the very bottom and with time the company will work with you to move into positions that you desire.
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