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In the two and a half years I have worked for this company, my experience has been wonderful for the most part. I have good leaders, friendly co-workers, and I truly enjoy getting to work in an environment where I can learn about the health food industry and also educate others. However, as with any job there are some caviots. I would really love to see this company (my store in particular) more involved in the immediate community. Not only with offering employees more volunteer opportunities, but also giving more to the less fortunate on a local scale, like having drives on the store front once a month. I would also love to see more enthusiastic leaders who are willing teach, train and help build a stronger team that can, in turn, teach and educate our customers and team members.
I love the environment. Everyone is who they want to be. People who work here are able to work other jobs and able to move around in life a bit. Its hard to move up in the company if your are a person of color . But overall the environment is good
Great pay, decent benefits, hard work. Unfortunately, the company seems to have abandoned many of its core values after being purchased by Amazon.
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I felt like my team leaders were accommodating when it came to my schedule and availability. They would give me the days I needed off but they would also give me enough hours to work per week. One thing I didn't like was how customer complaints almost always resulted in a verbal warning or write up even if the customer was in the wrong and the employee wasn't.
Friendly and helpful staff, knowledgable management team. Would highly recommend whole foods market to anyone looking for a stable place to work
I enjoy working for whole foods. The starting pay is great and there many opportunities to grow within the company.
I've been with the company for 7 years and it has been a great experience. I've grown with the company a few times and there has been some ups and downs, but more ups. It has its challenges just like other company's but you learn and grow from the challenges and gain character. The pay is amazing and so are the benefits, I wish the PTO system was a little better but it is not too bad.
I’ve enjoyed mostly all my time I’ve spent working for Whole Foods Market, although I would not all it a place to work long term. This is because at least for the position I have worked, almost everyone dreams of leaving it and getting a better job. It’s a wonderful environment but when you talk about the actual job, there’s not much change, or acceleration, people get over it quickly.
I enjoy working at Whole Foods. I think it gives me a stress free way of earning money while in school. I work well with the other employees and for the most part enjoy going to work. I think Whole Foods could over some more benefits especially for those in school. Overall, I think Whole Foods is a good company to work for and is a good place for me to be at the moment.
I loved working at the Whole Foods Market in Coral Springs. I worked at the front-end department and my co-workers truly made me love my job. Unfortunately, I had to leave in order to finish school in Tampa, but I am not exaggerating when I say that the people I worked with, the customers we attract, and the amazing wage, made my departure extremely hard.
The company was excellent to work for when I started out 7 years ago. It has definitely changed and not for the better since then.
Whole foods is a really fun place to work for a variety of reasons. Firstly the WF culture is built towards a more relaxed environment in which people can enjoy themselves while they work. There isn't a lot of pressure from the bosses, however that means that peers can sometimes be rude or inappropriate and it goes unnoticed. That being said everyone handles themselves and there is always higher positions openly available for people who want it. The scheduling is pretty lax which is nice as a college student. I'd recommend anyone to work here who is in college or who wants an easy job with good people.
Love the people I work with and the lifestyle at whole foods. It has taught me how plants power your body.
An overall wonderful place to work. Working here does not feel like working at a grocery store. Management and coworkers are friendly and helpful and it makes working enjoyable.
Whole Foods Market is a great entry level job that invests in the youth, the educated and driven. Without a college degree, there is a lot of opportunity for growth in terms of the corporate ladder. I have learned so much about myself, leadership and work ethic over the past 7 years.
The management is awesome and the environment is very friendly. The starting pay is also great! There are a lot of opportunities to move up into management/ team lead positions. I am a college student and the flexibility in the scheduling makes it less stressful to work and go to school.
I've been working at Whole Foods Market for more than 4 years and ive had quite a run. From extremely interesting customers to scary ones . Its an experience being a cashier.
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Whole Foods Market started out as an amazing workplace. I loved coming into work every day, but after 10 months of working here I was treated with disrespect and my team members around me were, too. My coworkers started leaving one by one, but no one ever replaced them. If your management is good, you can have a good experience here. Mine was not. Benefits are good but it isn't worth the stress and struggle tied to it. There is a point system for when you call off; too many points and they will fire you.
I love providing customer service and staying busy. The environment is great and everyone is friendly. It is interesting to see and learn about new products and vendors. I love learning about other people’s needs and helping them find what they need based on their health goals.
The offering at Whole Foods Market are plentiful. They do a great job on providing local and organic options, and they are superior when it comes to offering dietary restriction options. The work environment is not the best. There are often times when I am very busy and I work alone for 6 hours at a time. It's not conducive for forming a bond with the other employees. Also there is an apparent lack of diversity, which shouldn't be, considering the area where the store is located. Also, the prices are outrageous, even for an employee.
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