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1720 E Cesar Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033
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White Memorial Medical Center Reviews

2 reviews
I love my time at White Memorial! The pay is not that great and other hospitals are definitely more competitive. But there is such a wonderful team and family environment that you can observe on the units. No matter how stressful our work could be, the support of my coworkers and my manager go a long way. Our hospital is big on empowering the nurses to grow and is demonstrated by our strong shared governance, which composes close to half a dozen different councils, all of which to strengthen our role and advocacy in our profession
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White Memorial Medical Center has provided me with opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. White Memorial is a community based hospital that encourages health and wellness. I have worked for White Memorial for three years and so far my experience as an employee has been remarkable. Working for White Memorial is more than a job it is my second home. The patients and staff are my extended family. I intend to work for White Memorial for many more years to come. Part of what makes White Memorial great is the community. We have had the greatest opportunity to become involved in health maintenance for the area in which we serve. The staff has been able to learn a lot from its community and I think it has enabled us to be humble towards our patients and each other. We have the greatest will to help each other and this is something you want in a company that you work for.