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I really like working for Whirlpool. They have all kinds of perks and they have a lot of community outreach programs that directly affect our local community. If Whirlpool were to relocate, it would have an astronomically negative effect on Benton Harbor. I do know that how happy an employee is depends heavily on which building they work in and the people they have to see every day, and that should be taken into consideration when thinking about accepting a job there.
I work in the Customer Experience Center. While Whirlpool is a great company the Customer Experience Center is different than the other buildings. The professionalism in that building is not where it should be in the higher level management positions. There also isn't much room for innovation and people tend to do things due to ulterior motives as opposed to doing things because it is right.

It isn't a bad company to work for.One could say that it is a great job for entry level. The pay is excellent once you climb up to lead level. Whirlpool has great Diversity and Inclusion ideas and implementations.
I like that they help you and pay for college for those that want to get an education pertaining to the company.
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It is a great plant that values lean manufacturing. Good benefits and pay. CIO training to employees. Fmla and medical leave available when needed. Pay raise scale.
I have been working there for almost one year and 4mounth I am deciding to quit that job because of the shift supervisor, embarrass workers, he treats people like a thing. I am not the only person who chose to leave that job to find somewhere peaceful. Many workers are quitting that job because of the way the shift supervisor treat us, and we report him to the human resource, but they did nothing about it. Every day he calls people at the office to sign a paper without reason, and we are tired of what happens at my shift, they need to do something even not many workers will quit.
I like the atmosphere of my workspace. Something I would like to see change in the amount of pay. Coworkers are very nice and helpful.
A company that truly values employees and their continued advancement, great benefits including medical, dental, optical, prescription, long and short term disability, and a generous 401k matching program plus a strong desire to promote from within
What I liked about working at Whirlpool is that the company really value their customers. What I feel Whirlpool need to change is how they take so long for a person to advance within the company. Employees need to feel that the company they work for cares about them and want the best for them as them want for themselves.
My experience at Whirlpool has been somewhat satisfying. We receive plenty of paid time off, but are only allowed to use so many emergency call in days. A lot of us have families and need more than five days a year to call in. I believe good attendance should earn us more as well. Although I'm glad the job supports so many people in my community, with it being such a huge corporation, it makes moving up a lot harder. A lot of the times I have felt stuck.
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