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I love Whataburger!! Best fast food ever!! They are a great company to work for, good bosses and good coworkers!
I really like my coworkers, they make my long days feel like nothing. We help each other out and it's wonderful that everyone is willing to be there and show you the ropes. I have only been there for about a month and a half, and it's the best job that I have had so far. Our customers are great, and we have lovely regulars! The one thing that is a bit weird is when customers call me by my name, since we have nametags, but I'm slowly getting used to it!
I love my job at whataburger. The staff is great and I've only been there for 5 and a half months. They believe that I am a hard worker and want to promote me already. It's great! Hard work pays off.
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Whether your looking for part time work or a place to start a career, Whataburger has you covered. They offer competitive wages, benefits, and flexible schedules. The company has top notch leadership for the quick service industry, and a strong sense of family with both its customers and its employees.
My manager was amazing with my hours of availability due to school, and the co-workers are fun to be around. They listen to your comments and work well with whatever situation you are in. I also liked the fact that you get paid every week.
It's very easy to get a raise and the job can almost be fun sometimes. The only downside is the managers. Between their missing and/or black teeth and their disgusting attitudes to employees and customers alike, it's a hot mess.
I enjoy the atmosphere of working with my employers. The managers work with your schedule, especially since I am a college student. They understand when you are unable to go to work due to school related activities. Overall, the experience is great, because you can choose to move up in position. I really enjoy the employee discounts.
Working at Whataburger was a good job to have in the beginning. I like that I got paid every week and I only worked two days and made up to $200 every week. The only thing I did not like was the scheduling, it was very flexible but also inconsistent, there were times where they didn't even schedule me.
I love working at Whataburger. This is a great job for me in high school. The hours are flexible and of course the food is fantastic.
I like the proximity, this location is in such a great spot. A nice strategical spot. It is next to some shops, so if people get hungry the can't miss the giant orange "W". The only change I can think of is updating technology. It would be perfect if all of our stuff was brand new and up to date.
I love the fact they everyone that works there, including myself, are very polite and manner-able. Everyone pays attention to the fact that customers value their attitude and it could make someone's day better by just being polite and ask them how their day is going and just by being sincere and truly engaged in conversation.
I've been working for Whataburger since my senior year of high school. It is a great place to work part-time as a student, with lots of flexibility. I've learned a lot about running a restaurant and gained experience in management.
The company may be well known but it is not the best place to work. I understand the restaurants are different everywhere, but this is by far the worst company I have worked with in all my experiences of working fast food. I started working at the Whataburger across the street from where I live. After I got the job I regretted it just a bit. The facility is older than most, but it is completely filthy. The management needs more experience before just waltzing in and trying to run an establishment. The managers were rude to customers, and also to their employees. The hiring manager fires people out of frustration and does not know how to make a proper schedule. They will schedule you for times you are not available and will try to say you told them when you're free...when you were first hired. As a college student, the availability will change frequently and they don't seem to understand that. The only reason I will give three stars is that the starting pay is 10.50/hour
Even though My local Whataburger has a few flaws like many places around this area, this is still the perfect place for n workers like me can get some experience in the restaurant workforce.
My overall experiences at Whataburger have been great, customer experience is amazing along with work experience i have been through.
I started to work for Whataburger as a Team Member my junior year of high school. I was greeted with a friendly manner by management and employees. Now that I am a freshman in college, I still continue to work Whataburger to save up money for any tuition or books I may need for college.
I have always had an exceptional experience at any whataburger that i have visited, even before i started working there. It is a positive work environment and they strive on keeping their customer and employee retention rate high. we often call customers by name once we get to know them to encourage them to return so they feel more like family.
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Very clean and has a very beautiful Texas vibe to it. What is special about Whataburger is that they are only located in Texas.
Great work place they have so many benefits for their employees very Friendly and a good place to eat employees treat each other like family and treat guest like family I have learned alot working at Whataburger
Overall I've had an easy time working for the company, however growth in the company is difficult (payment and raises) without moving up in management.
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