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300 Concord Plaza Dr
San Antonio, TX 78216
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As a Team Leader at Whataburger, there's a lot of potential to inspire and help employees and customers alike have a great Whataburger day! Even as a team member, there's a lot of interpersonal development to be had. Considering it was my first fast food experience, Whataburger taught me a lot about how to resolve conflicts between customers, co-workers, other people, critical thinking skills (like when a pipe breaks, what do we do?), social skills, and cash handling. Working at Whataburger also allows for growth into positions that engender skills that can be taken into other jobs. What I'd like to see change in the company is their training program. Especially where I'm located, it is difficult to keep staff on hand and afford having a new employee watch orientation videos. Chalk it up to management, the way Whataburger works, or the learning curve of working there, getting new employees fully trained with all of the food safety in mind is no easy task.
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I really like my coworkers, they make my long days feel like nothing. We help each other out and it's wonderful that everyone is willing to be there and show you the ropes. I have only been there for about a month and a half, and it's the best job that I have had so far. Our customers are great, and we have lovely regulars! The one thing that is a bit weird is when customers call me by my name, since we have nametags, but I'm slowly getting used to it!
I love working at Whataburger mainly because is a safe environment and we all communicate efficiently in order to deliver good food quality. I get 30-35 hours and If I need a day off they can give it to me;as long as I give them a fair reason and ask at least with 2 weeks on advance. Also, the minimum wage is not 7.50 dollars like most of the stores. Every 6 months you get a rise based on your performance. They offer a savings account as well as health care depending on your position. You also get fifty percent discount! Another characteristic that I liked is that they offer a scholarship which I recently applied for and I am so grateful for getting it. They offer paid vacations if you are a Team Leader or Manager as well as 30 minute breaks.