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1601 Brenner Avenue
Salisbury, NC 28144
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W.G. (Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center Reviews

2 reviews
It is a good stable place to work. I feel confident doing my job. If you are willing to improve on yourself and learn and grow there is plenty of different things you can do. You can move from one clinic to another if you don't feel comfortable with some people, meaning you don't work well with some you can move areas. The benefits are great compared to the civilian work areas. If you can deal with high stress of other people calling off or being on vacation a lot, then you can handle working at the VA. If you like working with Veterans and their families then this is a great place to work. You just have to remember to find happiness anywhere you work, no place is perfect. It is what you make it.
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As an employee, it’s an average place. The buildings themselves are way outdated. Coming from what they like to call “private sector” it takes a lot of getting used to all the policies and procedures. But, they have the best benefits around.