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1000 Abernathy Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
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WestRock is growth quickly which ensure much opportunity career development. The employee base is diverse and friendly. With so much growth, the organization has done an excellent job of integration of acquisitions and ensuring adequate systems and technology. There are facilities all over North America. Best big company you're not familiar with! Solid benefits and compensation plan. Lots to do and great challenges if you want to work hard!
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I worked at the WestRock paper mill in Hopewell, VA as an accounting co-op. I found my supervisors to be kind people who gave me adequate time to complete projects, however, I found that intra-company communication leaves something to be desired. Assignments included mill vehicle record filing, record documentation and destruction, and purchasing receipts storage.
The pay wasn't bad. The strong showing of favoritism would be something that needs to change. The hours are long and the point system is a bit too strict. Didn't like not being able to take or plan vacations without having to worry about potentially getting pointed for missing work because no one was available for a shift swap. Overall the actual work load wasn't all that bad just the politics and everything that comes with that made the job unpleasant at times.