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Great vacation time by starting off with 2 weeks after your 1st 90 days the 3 after your 1st year. There's always free coffee products b4 8pm and $2 hot meals to eat at the lunch room every day your here. There's even a quiet room to relax and meditate when you become stressed out. There's also lots of vending machines for microwavable food and drinks. The departments on the 1st floor usually has new school and old school hip hop playing on large speakers. The holiday spirit is crazy cool here everyone goes all out on costumes and food.
I started working with this company after coming home from Iraq with the army I was hired as a sale rep and was pushed into telling so many lies and misleading sales tactics I refused to continue to work for this company and have went on to persuing my degree ina architecture. I greatly appreciate scholarships that help stodenta like myself and veterans returning home school is a great way to readjust back into lifeZ so thanks again so much for your scholarships. Scott Nida Thank you so much for your time.
The training and management staff are very personable. The people they hire are very upbeat and energetic people. Really the only thing I could say I don't like about the company is their sales department does not explain things to their owners. Therefore most owners don't have any idea what they have purchased and in most cases think they were scammed. So it then became our job to educate the owners on different fees or policies that they should have been made aware of way before spending 15 to 100k on their timeshare.
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The company overall is great provides amazing opportunities for people of all races and backgrounds. My reasoning for 3 stars is because the management can be a bit fixed and not much opportunity for growth.
The best place i have ever worked. Even thought there has flaws like any other company i still enjoy working here. I'm optimistic that one day thing are going to change for the better. I continue to put my faith on the company even thought i been disappointed many times by the management staff. The lack of advancement is my main concern. As senior officer i believe i'm over qualified for any position because of my in-house experience with the company. 3 years of experience has been more than enough to be familiar with all policies and procedures . I continue to growth and learn everyday because i'm curious and ambitious. Hopefully one day my company will recognize my hard work and dedication. Regardless, i will continue to do my best because that's the type person that i'm.
I have been working for Westgate Resorts for about 2 years now. Within those two years I have moved up twice, so with hard work growth is definitely an option. Majority of the people that work in my department are friendly and we build good relationships. I also like how we frequently participate in team building activities.
its an alright place to work.. people are nice sometimes. you get a discount on food sometimes too. very diverse however mostly everyone speaks spanish
I loved everything about Westgate! I worked there for 3 years and people there genuinely love you and want the experience of our guest to be the best one. That's what I wanted! Westgate taught me a lot of things about the real word and I am so grateful because if it weren't for that oppurtunity, I wouldn't be where I am today. I had many laughs and tough moments but I was never alone. I always knew I had a family in Westgate. I recommend staying there for vacations and working there because it was an oppurtunity.
Great company to work for change is constant and ever changing. Cross training is highly offered and encouraged. Working multiple properties is great for new skills and advancement to move to other properties in other states to develope a broader knowledge of the company.
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