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1018 West Atherton Drive
Taylorsville, UT 84123

About Western States Lodging & Management

Health Care
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Western States Lodging & Management Reviews

3 reviews
Working for Western States has been such a fun, fast paced experience! You not only get to work wonders with your amazing coworkers, but are able to make a connection with the residents and be on a personal level rather than rushing around all day. Everyone including management is always so happy and excited for work, it doesn't even feel like work. Instead if feels as if it is my own home just as it is for the residents.
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I worked as a server at Legacy Village of Castle Pines and had a really positive experience while working there. It was my first job and I loved my coworkers, boss, and the job itself. It was great interacting with all of the residents who lived there and it really felt like the company cared about us, as the executives would periodically fly out and interact with everyone. Overall, I had a great experience at my first job through this company!
This is an assisted living facility designed for people in need. I am a CNA here. I enjoy getting to know the residents and helping them with daily tasks. The management does a good job and in involved. This is a good place to work while I"m attending school.