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530 South Main Street
Orange, CA 92868

About Western Dental & Orthodontics

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It’s an amazing place to work! It gave me start 20 years ago! I’m forever grateful to Western Dental! This time around I am back on but with the Traveling Oral Surgery Team! I travel to over 100 offices across three states and they take care of me so well! They offer great healthcare, 401k and a lot of other perks and benefits.
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My experience with Western dental has been a roller coaster. I’ve been there for about a year and a half and I must say I love what I do as my job, I would just like to see some changes. Everyone does their job well and we provide the best dental care we can but I feel like management can use a few changes. I know every place has their complaints and this is the same. Although my favorite part about being part of this company is the patients. Everyday is a new patients but when you see a returning patient the sometimes because your friends and family. It is crazy but it why i love to do what I do.
Great work environment, friendly and helpful coworkers ready to assist to any patients need and concerns. Happy to have found such an amazing company to work for.