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Former employee. Great culture. Average pay. Decent Benefits. The best part is interacting with co-workers and having people on your side.
Management was horrid and the work treatment was not up to date. As a student, time off for class schedule was disregarded even after speaking with the manager about my availability. Time off was highly discouraged, even for family matters. Also, raises were promised but never given out. I had been trained in every part of the Clinical nutrition area and never received one raise in the year that I worked there.
This was the best job I could have taken while in school. The coworkers and staff are very nice and friendly and make sure you feel at home and comfortable. The hours are flexible and supervisors are more than willing to accommodate your schedule. Working here as a student was so great because you have a lot of down time to work on school work and other assignments that you may have. It will help you get acquainted with how the hospital runs and how to appropriately interact with patients. This job teaches a lot of life skills like how to speak politely on the phone as well as dealing with difficult situations over the phone the correct way.
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I like the flexible schedule. I like that it is always changing and upgrading to make things better. I do not like that they want you to park so far away and shuttle you to work.
Recent change from patient-focus to profit-focus. They don't do well to communicate changes that will be impacting employees
This is an excellent company to work for. The managers care about their employees and want the best people caring for the patients
I am happy that I was able to find this job outside of graduation. It was hard to find a job that suited my degree. This job help me evolve into a professional.
Great place to work, I would highly recommend anyone looking for a long term job to consider WVUH. The staff is very friendly, and everyone is very helpful. The organization is well diversified, and I have not ran into any issues thus far.
This is a good place to work and get a start with an organization. It is a level 1 Trauma Hospital and it has given me a lot of experience but its not an ending place. It was a wonderful stepping stone.
I took this job right out of college as a mental health specialist at Chestnut Ridge. I have enjoyed my time here at the company. I have chosen to change careers and have appreciated that WVU does tuition reimbursement because it makes it possible for me to pay for school. That’s one of the biggest perks for working within the company.
WVU is an amazing hospital. I love working there and it is very clean and growing quickly. I would like to see better benefits.
The best thing about working at WVU Hospitals was the medical benefit. Every year the medical benefit is decreased. Other benefits are outstanding.
Good work site! Needs improvements in many areas including management. Needs better healthcare insurance for non union employees.
This Hospital has been a great experience for me. The employees work well with one another and there is flexible hours since you only work 3 days a week to be a full time employee. Sometimes management is to be desired but all in all it is a wonderful place to work with competitive pay and compensation.
I like that this hospital is connected with the school. The other employees here are really nice and always willing to help. The only downside of the size is that with being such a large hospital with a lot of residents, sometimes its hard to keep up with the changes to the hospital.
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