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Morgantown, WV 26506
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Management was horrid and the work treatment was not up to date. As a student, time off for class schedule was disregarded even after speaking with the manager about my availability. Time off was highly discouraged, even for family matters. Also, raises were promised but never given out. I had been trained in every part of the Clinical nutrition area and never received one raise in the year that I worked there.
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This was the best job I could have taken while in school. The coworkers and staff are very nice and friendly and make sure you feel at home and comfortable. The hours are flexible and supervisors are more than willing to accommodate your schedule. Working here as a student was so great because you have a lot of down time to work on school work and other assignments that you may have. It will help you get acquainted with how the hospital runs and how to appropriately interact with patients. This job teaches a lot of life skills like how to speak politely on the phone as well as dealing with difficult situations over the phone the correct way.
Good work site! Needs improvements in many areas including management. Needs better healthcare insurance for non union employees.