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500 Westridge Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076
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West Marine has generally been very good to me in my 6 years so far with the company. I started as a part-time cashier in high school, and now I am an assistant manager while in college. I have worked for 3 different stores, and generally I've always felt fulfilled in what I do. I feel valued for my skillset, and I am never bored at work. There is always room for advancement, for an employee seeking growth opportunities. As far as customer service, West Marine makes it come very naturally for us in stores to go above and beyond expectations to serve our clientele. The company could use some updating on technological resources, and with our new owners, we stopped getting our annual reviews/raises for this year and next year. This has been disappointing, but I still have to say I've been a happy employee otherwise.
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Great opportunity to move forward within the company, especially when an associate is willing to relocate. Overall the associates have been great to work with and stores have a similar expectation for an environment that is productive and friendly. While the company is retail and therefore not much compensation at lower levels, once you reach management there is great opportunity here along with decent benefits for full time. The main challenge is the workload for management roles, which can be absurd at times.
The company is great if you are still in high school or in college. They have great benefits, but the minimum wage is minimum wage. After a year of working there they bump you up maybe .15 cents. They no longer have a 50% off employee discount. It is now only 33% off retail on most things. They do however work with your schedule if you need fewer or more hours.