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I have truly loved working at West Florida Hospital, I have previous healthcare experience, and this has been by far the best experience yet. We strive everyday to give our patients the upmost care and respect and to meet all of their needs. You will not be disappointed with a career alongside the healthcare givers at West Florida Hospital.
I've worked as an RN here for the last 5 years and absolutely love it! While the pay in the area is not very competitive the management both upper and lower help to make it better as they are inclusive all around.
I have had a wonderful experience, the staff is super helpful and resourceful.
Has improving culture...focus on patients. Things are looking up and moving forward....the hospital in continually being upgraded to provide better care for patients.
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I had an amazing experience working here, management became a pain after a while but nothing a little communication couldn’t fix.
The staff is wonderful and caring. They take great care of their patients as well as their employees. I have been employed here for 2 years.
I enjoy my job. My coworkers are amazing. Overall it is a great place to work. The proximity to the beach is an added bonus.
Working at West Florida has been an excellent experience. The staff work well and are supportive of each other. The management are also supportive of the staff and are available, conveniently. They offer free education so that their staff are able to keep up on their licensures and credentials. They work well with their employees so that education days can be scheduled and night shift employees are able to attend for the most part without having worked the night before. Education days are paid for.
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