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rotate employees more and give raises to those that have been working long, not bump them up to the new starting wage and expect you to be satisfied.
My experience working at this fast food chain has been average. This Wendy's previously had no management until a company bought out the locations in my area. At the moment, the place I'm working in is being worked on in essentially every way to make it an enjoyable place to work and to eat at. As far as the actually building itself, I think that the appliances and functionality need to be improved and that the store needs its own remodel in order to become a better version of itself and function better throughout work days, and so that less appliances will need to be replaced or repaired constantly.
It was a good work environment, my bosses were funny, understanding and very helpful. The customers were sometimes difficult but that is no different from any other fast food place. The restaurant is clean and looks very cool.
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My coworkers were the best part of my time I spent at Wendy's. I worked there for over 10 years and never had a chance to move up. Most managers did their job very well but there were a few that definitely didn't. One manager in particular was extremely unprofessional. She would do things to employees just to be spiteful and try to get them in trouble to make herself look better. Overall if it wasn't for that one manager, and you had a better chance to move up, Wendy's would be a great place to work.
I have been working for Wendy's now for more than five years. It is my first job and I am grateful to have the opportunity of finding a job. I have built and improved many skills such as adapting to certain situations immediately, training new staff members, and presenting myself as a leader.
The people there really care about each other and are like a family and make going to work actually fun rather than just a job. The people make the atmosphere fantastic and make you want to continue to work there, even during rough days.
My job at wendy's was a very hard job because I had a lot of things that I was assigned to do. Most of my managers over worked me and the company underpays you but I had bad days just as a had good I would say my overall experience was that I was thankful I had a job but I was not happy with what I encountered by my managers while working at wendy's.
Wendys is a great place to work at when in high school or college. Managers work with your school schedule to give you the bourse and pay you deserve. It is a good place to meet new people and friends- coworkers.
When I first started, I thought this would just be a leisurely job where I could take my time, do my hours, and go home. But I learned quickly that there is more to this job then just doing the bare minimum. There is a lot of hard and quick work that needs to be done in order to make the store run in an efficient way. Very soon I became a higher valued and relied upon employee as I was able to handle more difficult tasks. I like all of the moving around, there is always something new and almost never a dull second, and the crew I most often work with have become my best friends. I'd say I've had a better than most experience at this job.
I love how I could interact with every type of people working at Wendy's. I become more patient and learned how to smile more. From working at Wendy's, it made me see the value in helping out others and how your smile could delight someone else.
It's a pretty easy job. If everyone shows up for their shift theres no problem. It's a pretty straight forward job requirement.
Wendy's is a good environment to work in although it might not be the most organized place to work for.
I would like to see a better environment for the workers and better opportunities and better pay as time goes on and more space for growth in the workplace
When I changed from working jobs at a fast food place that was very inconsistent with giving me hours at a higher pay rate, and upon accepting a job at Wendy's my unhappy emotional state changed to that of a happier disposition especially now that my Mom is around to spend time with me on the first day of the week.
I would like to see an increase in compensation, many places right down the street have a starting pay $0.50 higher than my current pay of my 7 months with the company. The only reason I haven't gone anywhere else is due to the atmosphere.
The food is delicious, the hours are horrendous. Working for a Wendy's can sometimes be worse than working at all. Not only are you stressed continuously during your shift, you will not make enough cash to save up for something as necessary as a car.
This was my first job, and oh man did I learn a lot. First of all, I was blessed that the manager took me in without having to compete for the potisition. I am very introverted, but the crew members welcomed me in and trained me the best they could. I learned to be patient with the customers and develop ways to make their Wendy’s experience better such as, asking customers to suggest the best joke for the “joke of the day”, offering a warm welcome as I put in their order and being an attentive listener to solve problems and correctly placing the customer order. I enjoy the flexible schedule, the salary was good for me as a college student, and I enjoy the discount for my food.
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I love working for the WKS company that has bought the Wendy's that I work at in Los Angeles area. They believe in vacation and sick pay for employees that have worked a while at this location. The older company only believed managers received paid vacation time. As employees you receive 50% off a meal while you are on the clock or 30 minutes before or after your shift. And once you get to the manager position you may receive 1 meal free on your shift.
At first I was excited. I got hired one hour after my interview and started the next day. It also paid more than minimum wage which was nice! Then I learned why they were so eager to hire me. It was because everyone there was constantly quitting. They would make me work eight to ten hour days without breaks. I had to stand for that long with no food, water, or at least a break to sit down. I also got in trouble for doing nothing and when I tried to do something I would get in trouble for doing something, so I was never sure what to do. The customers also made me feel very unsafe when I worked Wednesday night shifts. We had a regular customer who came in high and still smoking his blunt. As a sixteen year old, it was terrifying. I also worked close to forty hour weeks, while my coworkers who had children and families to feed where only being scheduled for ten hours a week, if that much. It made me feel awful for having hours they could've had.
Work well with the students schedules and opportunity for make a small raise every so often as you learn different jobs making yourself more versatile. Great experience for my first "official" job.
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