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Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Reviews

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I like working for Wellstar and would recommend it to others. Working as a registered nurse is a highly stressful job. I believe it is important to have a supportive work environment. Wellstar provides a work culture of teamwork and support from managers and coworkers that creates a healthy work environment.
The workers are great. The hours aren't bad and you get benefits. Pay is lower than other hospitals who dont have anywhere near the workload we have here.
I have been working for the WellStar Health System since October of 2013. This company is excellent for anyone who is a student, parent, or someone trying to figure out which direction they want to take their career. WellStar delivers world class health care to all walks of life and it is an honor to work for an organizing who allows me to grow and follow my personal passions. Not only are the perks incredible, they treat every employee like family. It's nice to come to work and feel appreciated about the work that you do no matter what your role may be.
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Working conditions are better than other facilities that I have worked at, hiring process is slow and it appears that most departments are chronically understaffed.
I love this for a good college job. It has great benefits and flexible hours. The employees are all nice and friendly.
I worked for Wellstar for two years in one of the Medical Groups. The Phycisians were fantastic to work for and I loved all my coworkers. Its a nice friendly environment to be in, especially as a new nurse. They train very well and share the work. The only downside is there isnt much room for growth if you prove yourself as a team member.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the people I worked with and they truly made the job that much better. I wish management of the transport department would get better so people wouldn't feel so stressed or overworked.
I work in Food and Nutrition service of the hospital, and this department is beyond exceptional. Everyone takes pride in feeding the patients as well as making sure of what is and what is not compliant with their diets. The overall team are like one big family we take pride in helping each other in order for our department to be successful.
the management shows preferential treatment to certain employees, they tend to be flexible when it comes to family obligations and working with you if there is an illness or valid reason to be out. The health benefits are not very good considering that we work in healthcare. Compensation is not that much given the cost of living in this area.
Wellstar is 100% focused on providing world class patient care and you can really tell. Nurses, physicians, and techs work extremely hard to provide optimal patient care.
Everyone is always so kind and welcoming. The staff always gives 200%. You definitely can tell that our staff really cares about our patients, team members, and patients families. I absolutely love my job! I am so thankful to not only have a job, but to also be able to help others all the while bettering myself for my future, in my journey to becoming the best nurse I can be one day.
Very satisfying experience. Staff was excellent, courteous, and pleasant. I was greeted the moment I walked in and they were quick to assist me. They were very knowledgeable of what to do and how to help me. The complete visit was went very smoothly and I was in and out in a reasonably amount of time.
Working at Kennestone is Amazing! The employees all exemplify what it means to provide world class care.
My time with the company has been great and I’d recommend Wellstar to anyone seeking a new work home. My team is great and I have a knowledgeable and engaged manager. We have a competitive benefits package and a truly skilled, and friendly, clinical staff. I enjoy watching the growth of the company and Im proud of the various awards and distinctions that WellStat receives.
I like that they care about patients. They are very patient oriented. They have clinics accessable all over the metro atlanta area for patients
I've been here for 4 years, and I hope to stay until I am able to retire
I feel like all staff here are dedicated to the health and well being of our patients.
Kennestone's ED is one of the busiest in the country, and I am proud to be apart of it!
From a clinical standpoint, great for new technology and equipment. Facility is large and looks and feels very nice. Would like more emphasis on staff retention, particularly in pay and benefits. Insurance is not great.
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Wellstar is a great job for working mothers. They work with you to ensure a flexible schedule to allow you to be both full time mother and full time employee. Kennestone has great perks including great food and concierge service; who can run your day to day errands while you're at work. These services include post office runs, target and even car washing. Overall, kennestone has been my all time favorite employer!
WellStar has great benefits and team members. I am a student and Wellstar has allowed me to have time off to study and to go to school. They have great supervisors that are very helpful and encouraging. My supervisors feels like my second home. Also WellStar helps pay for my college so that I can be successful without so many loans. Im always happy to go to work because WellStar is a friendly community. I always get the hours I am required and extra if necessary. Whenever I want time off, I can take off as many days as I please. Also if I am short hours, I can use my Paid Time Off hours when needed. I would encourage many people to work at this wonderful place.
Kennestone works hard to accommodate my school schedule into my work life with me being a full time nursing student. I love my coworkers, and that is one of the things that makes work so enjoyable.
Things that I wish would improve would definitely be pay. I was hired with no experience at all, and I felt that at the time the pay was appropriate for my level of experience. Now, I have been with the company for over a year and have received a countless number of accolades from management and patients, but I am still making the same amount of money for A LOT of hard work and manual labor. It definitely makes it hard to stay somewhere where you do not feel appreciated.
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