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Wellstar Cobb Hospital Reviews

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Home unit has been friendly and I have made close friends in my job. I have learned from others experienced in my profession.
I really like my coworkers, but that is it. This is perhaps the worst hospital to work for in the entire WellStar group. The providers over order diagnostics. We've been under review for suspected fraud due to more imaging diagnostics than any other hospital in the state. People are overworked because many departments are hilariously understaffed. I've been injured twice working there as a result. The pay is too little for the amount of work expected of the staff in 8-12 hrs, and the benefits are a joke. The insurance is only worth anything if WellStar doctors and facilities are used. I'm looking to leave this facility currently and in the future, if I had to choose between working here and being unemployed, I'd be unemployed.
I began my health care career at Wellstar Cobb Hospital, i left and came right back because the culture of this hospital is so much more friendly than other places.
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I enjoy working for this company. I truly believe that his been a learning experience dealing with the patients and different coworkers. However, I believe that there could be some improvements as a company overall. The teamwork and leadership isn't always up to part but I do love the meeting the diversity of people everyday. I work part-time hours however this job is hard work and dedication.
It a great place to work with good benefits flexible schedules. The most thing I like about cobb hospital is the fact that if you want to work and you dont have family or friends to look after your children or your parents they pay 40 hours to in home sitters to come to your house from the time you leave home until you are off from work.
I enjoy working at all-star I have been working in this hospital now January next year will make it 5 years, which I have been working in this organization. I am happy working as a safety sitter, I love doing this job because it has open myeyes to so Many ways of caring for patient. I am happy to render assistant to the patient when everyou they need my assistant.
it is a very good job to start at, to get your experience and to grow in the company too. The doctor are good to work for, very relaxed non hostile working environment . everyone is treated equally as far a any discrimination marks and nobody feels not needed. If hired here there are many positions that are open for all types of requirements.
Great opportunities to grow professionally and programs to help you balance day by day life like childcare, HSA, Medical insurance
I have just become a team member here and already have fallen in love with. My coworkers are the correct definition of team work! We all work hard to ensure our patients are receiving the best care.
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