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The benefits Wells Fargo has are great, better than other companies, but they way the company is structured and how hiring works-it leaves something to be desired.
I've been working at this company for greater than three years. And all I can say is the company is not easy to work with. When it comes time for raises, you can be told that you will be getting an additional $1-2 on your raise, and it winds up being less than $1 as a raise. You go through additional training, and the mid-range salary that you are promised is no where near where you wind up being. The company seems to not care about the employees as the requirements of work involved does not equal the compensation that is offered.
Thorough training, $5000k tuition reimbursement for FT students/employees, $2500k tuition reimbursement for PT students/employees. Boring job, but easy. Definitely wasn’t thinking about work when I went home at night so low-stress. Far less intimidating for those who have done call center work or similar in the past. Training is a lot more fun than the actual job. EXCELLENT work-life balance.
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The company offers a variety of things but I feel as though overtime things have begun to change and would like to see better opportunities for employees within the company. It’s a bit harder than normal to move on in the company and the company tends to hire outside of the company rather then give an employee of the company already the opportunity to get a promotion.
A very customer oriented company. Here the focus is the overall satisfaction and care of the customer. With a very diverse group of coworkers and much attention to detail many customers feel right at home while banking here. The staff is light-hearted and friendly and always willing to engage and help one another
It's a good company, only problem there is no sick pay. I've exhausted all my pto on the chronic disease I just recently got diagnosed. Flexibility would be appreciated and a bank for sicck time should be included.
I had a good experience at Wells the four years I was there. Made great relationships with fellow team members. Pay is decent but opportunity for growth is great!
I think Wells Fargo has great opportunities for growth and really wants you to succeed. They have so many resources available whether you want to go back to school or want to become more knowledgeable about certain topics. They also pay a really good wage when you start working for the company. Even if banking is not something you want to pursue as a career, it is still a great starting point to get experience and develop your skills in a professional setting. Also, Wells Fargo is a great job to have to develop a rapport with many people from various ethnic backgrounds. As a company, Wells Fargo is huge on diversity and inclusion across all areas. It's a place where nobody is left out and everyone is on a common accord ensuring that the values the common lives by is upheld. What a great company to work for!
Working for Wells Fargo has been a great experience to grow as a young adult. The company offers decent benefits for its employees such as health insurance, events to network, average salary, paid holidays, great PTO and a department where we can find discounted products and services. I'd like to see higher salaries, cheaper premiums for insurance, and not requiring bankers to use a system to generate sales calls to customers. As a company, customers will come to us if interested or receiving offers via mail, email or commercials of advertising.
Absolutely awesome company to work for. Great cultural experiences and lots of leadership opportunities as well as promotion for diversity and inclusion. Benefits and pay are fair also. Definitely a company I’m proud to say I work for.
My overall experience with Wells Fargo thus far has been splendid. I have been with the company for three months now. I am currently a Remediation QA Analyst in one of their offices in Minnesota. I admire the company’s engagement with different minority groups, work life balance, compensation, benefits, and development opportunities. The company does an awesome job at being involved in the community. I appreciate Wells Fargo momentum to enlighten and encouragement societies of all different backgrounds. At this moment there is not anything specific nor of general that I would like to see Wells Fargo change. I love the family oriented vibes and is ecstatic to continue my employment with such a reputable company.
The Accounting department staff are intelligent and the function is well-organized. It is unfortunate that sales scandals from another department has impacted the reputation of the company. The department I worked for had internal controls and was on top of accounting related pronouncements. The company is working hard to regain customers trust.
Wells Fargo was a great company to work for. They really take the initiative to make sure that each employee has the best training possible. they always put the customer's experience first and always build relationships with each person that walks into the door. I did not like paying for parking everyday and not getting compensated. Also managers are not as supportive of team member's career goals as you may want them to be. they play favorites
What makes my experience at Wells Fargo great is the people I work with and my direct managers. I have found it easy to create a work life balance and maintain some flexibility in my hours to accommodate. The location for me is perfect, travel opposite of traffic into south Chandler.
The environment is excellent! My coworkers are great. Work is work as usual, but an overall wonderful experience.
My experience at Wells Fargo was a very stimulating one. The culture was very caring with a strong emphasis on work life balance.
What I love about my company is that we are changing our culture and reinventing ourselves. I have been with the company for 13 years. Started with Wachovia, upper management made some horrible mistakes, we've owned it, were dedicated to righting our wrongs, by our customers and our employees and it is a great place to work.
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I love the environment in the local branches! But the corporate level can try to be more family oriented versus being goal oriented. The CEO and the board members could be more sympathetic to life happening situations
It is definitely a family atmosphere. From the moment you are hired in your branch they welcome you with open arms and are willing to help with any of your needs. They give quality training and are always looking for ways you can better yourself financially, professionally, and personally. Growing in the company is very attainable as well. There are equal promotion opportunities to everyone. As long as you work for it, it will pay off. Scheduling is very flexible. I went to school while working part time and if something came up midweek they would always work with me and around my schedule. Benefits are great. You receive 401k options, healthcare, PTO even as a part time team member.
The company overall is a great company to work for with good health benefits, pto, & 401k program.. But to advance is very hard there are so many stipulations towards growth with the company
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